NFL Week 5 Start Sits

DUH DUHNNADUN DUNDHUNA. Football is back tonight with the Seattle Seahawks facing off against the L.A. Rams, a game that actually should be pretty exciting. Goff has been…odd this season to be completely honest, and I mean that in the most system quarterback way I can say it.

It’s just me and Dre this week for the Start Sit quick tips segment, so let’s make a blog about it.

I like Dre’s opinions on fantasy a lot, but I think he’s a creature of the moment. In almost no league did someone get Aaron Rodgers cheap, so the need to play him might be too great to actually sit the guy. I know he plays one of the leagues best defenses in Dallas, but the dud has posted +13 through 4 weeks. He’ll be just fine. Henry is a decent call here, but again guys probably took him in the 6-7 round, making this game against Buffalo a tough call. LOVE the start with David Montgomery, and from my perspective MVS will get the lions share of the targets for Green Bay, but Geranimo Allison is a sneaky play if D. Adams doesn’t suit up.

My list was easy this week. Don’t buy the big hype on my sit guys, and don’t overthing my start guys. Wayne Gallman will not perform the way he did last week each week, but he has proven to be a solid RB3 with upside in this new look Giants Offense. MVS should be Rodgers #1 target against the Cowboys, and the same can be said about Boyd and the Cincy Offense against a pretty sad Cardinals Defense. Brissett could find himself in a high scoring affair with Kansas City, so if you need a flier I highly suggest my dude Jacoby. Keep your eye on Jarvis Landry though, beause he will need to clear concussion protocal. What does this mean? If you want to have him in your lineup, make him a flex spot and add someone from the 49ers / Browns to fill in. We should know about his concussion before kickoff naturally, but don’t shoot yourself in the foot by putting Landry in a WR position only to have him unable to be swapped with an RB.

The sits were easy – guys who have big hype right now that we need to pump the brakes on. I love Devin Singletary, but allow the kid to have some time back before you start him against a tough Titans D. You all know I just don’t like Curtis Samuel, especially with Kyle Allen at the helm, and ROJO might have finally outsnapped his competition, but I don’t know if this is the correct week to try and start him against tough NOLA D. A.J. Brown had an insane unside week in week 4, but I don’t see the volume there to repeat. Also, get Golden Tate if he’s available, but give him some time before you start him. Nothing burns harder than a free agent that joins your team and kills you the first week.

Tune into Two Beers Deep tonight to ask all of your fantasy football questions before kickoff tonight!

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