Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 5

A lot of weird matchups led to some of the biggest upsets I have seen all year. Let us dive right into my NFL Power Rankings for Week Five.





Miami Dolphins (0-4)

Previous Rank: 32


The Dolphins continue to be dragged through the hole that is their team each and every week. This week they were beaten by the Los Angeles Chargers by twenty points with a final score of 30-10. I want to say they are doing better with Josh Rosen at quarterback, but this team just is not good. This week they can’t lose at all which is weird, but it is strictly because they have a bye week.





Cincinnati Bengals (0-4)

Previous Rank: 29


The Bengals drop two spots after a terrible performance on the road against Pittsburgh Monday night. Andy Dalton was smothered by Pittsburgh’s defense, was sacked a total of eight times, got intercepted in the red zone and threw for less than 175 yards. The one thing I am concerned with was the “so called” pass interference that was complete garbage. This week they have a chance to bounce back against the winless Arizona Cardinals. I am imagining this game is not only up in the air, but it will be a shootout.





New York Jets (0-3)

Previous Rank: 31


The Jets move up a spot simply because the Bengals played that bad and they had a bye week last week. This week Sam Darnold is looking to return to action to give his team their first win of the season. However, in order to do that they have to go through the Philadelphia Eagles on the road who are coming off a huge victory of Green Bay.





Washington Redskins (0-4)

Previous Rank: 29

Washington Redskins v New York Giants

Honestly, the Redskins should move down more, but I am not moving up the Jets two spots when they didn’t even play last week. To be frank this team is moving backwards so quickly. Jay Gruden’s job is in serious jeopardy as reports say he could be fired as early as next week. The quarterback situation is struggling as they benched Case Keenum after he threw a pick against the Giants and started rookie Dwayne Haskins who clearly wasn’t ready to perform as he threw three more interceptions. This Giants defense is trash, but honestly the Redskins are a complete dumpster fire and have to go against the New England Patriots this week. Yikes.





Denver Broncos (0-4)

Previous Rank: 28


The Broncos stay neutral here, but not for the better as they come up with their fourth loss in a row this time against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Flacco did much better than I thought he was going to do this week with 303 passing yards, three touchdowns and an interception, but personally it was because Jalen Ramsey didn’t play. They also took a hit on their defense with the loss of Bradley Chubb for the year. This team is going to try to get its first win this week, but they have to go through the Chargers to do it.





Arizona Cardinals (0-3-1)

Previous Rank: 27


The Cardinals took a heavy loss this week against divisional rival Seattle, but honestly I expected it at this point. Kyler Murray is now the most sacked quarterback in the NFL, taking 20 sacks after just four games. He relied on David Johnson for most of the game as a safety blanket. This week they actually have a chance to get their first win of the season against a god awful Cincinnati Bengals team.





Atlanta Falcons (1-3)

Previous Rank: 18


Maybe I am being a bit harsh here dropping the Falcons eight spots on the ranking, but this team is struggling. They had a decent shot in my mind at pulling off a victory against the Tennessee Titans, but they just couldn’t get anything going. Matt Ryan threw for nearly 400 yards, but couldn’t come up with a single touchdown pass. Freeman couldn’t get moving on the ground, Julio Jones was virtually shut out and their defense was just awful in this game. They will look to rebound against the Houston Texans this week.





New York Giants (2-2)

Previous Rank: 25


The Giants stay put at the number 25 spot after shutting out the Redskins last week. Why you ask? The offense had a chance to come away with some huge points in the game, but Daniel Jones underperformed in my mind tossing 225 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions against a very shaky Washington defense. You could argue that the defense stepped up with four total interceptions, but three of those came from rookie Dwayne Haskins who was put in after they benched Case Keenum. The Giants have a chance to move up and do big things this week as they face a struggling Vikings team.





Oakland Raiders (2-2)

Previous Rank: 24


The Raiders also stay put after a shocking victory over the Colts last week. The reason being is that they put their points up early and simply played out the game. Carr threw for under 200 yards and two touchdowns while Josh Jacobs did decent work in the run game and Darren Waller proving to still be the favorite target in the pass game. The defense stepped up here though holding the running and passing game and also getting a pick six. They have a big task at hand this week though going up against the Chicago Bears.





Minnesota Vikings (2-2)

Previous Rank: 14


Look I get it. The Vikings did really bad against the Bears this week (called it), but why move them down nine spots on the power rankings? Well the Bears proved that if you shut down Dalvin Cook then Kirk Cousins is virtually useless. It seems crazy how Kirk was paid all this money to perform and he just isn’t getting it done in Minnesota. I personally believe they have a quarterback problem and a defensive problem that needs to be addressed soon or else it will end badly. They will look to rebound against the Giants this week.





Indianpolis Colts (2-2)

Previous Rank: 17


The Colts drop five spots after a surprising loss to the Oakland Raiders last week. This team had no reason to lose against them last week. They had all the potential weapons to have success. It goes to show you though that without T.Y. Hilton to help Brissett, the ball was just not going anywhere productive and Marlon Mack exited with an injury as well. This week they get the Kansas City Chiefs and passing is needed to win this game and i think Brissett will be up to the challenge.





Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2)

Previous Rank: 27


Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. I’ll say it. The Bucs surprised me this week beating the undefeated Rams in a high scoring affair; 55-40. It was the highest score of the franchise’s history and doing it against a superior Rams team makes it all more impressive. Winston was perfect aside from the interception he threw, but he threw for four touchdown passes and nearly 400 passing yards. This week they get another huge task against the Saints. Can they do it again?





Carolina Panthers (2-2)

Previous Rank: 20

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Houston Texans

The Panthers stay put at the No. 20 spot despite their win against the Texans. The reason being you ask? Kyle Allen who threw for four touchdown passes last week against the Cardinals didn’t throw any in this game and also fumbled the ball three times. Most of the success came out of McCaffrey again who continues to be a star running back. This week they get a shot at disrupting the Jacksonville Jaguars.





Pittsburgh Steelers (1-3)

Previous Rank: 23

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers did it. They won their first game of the season against the Cincinnati Bengals in impressive fashion. The offense saw Mason Rudolph as more of a game manager here throwing for 229 yards and two touchdowns missing only four throws. He relied on running backs James Conner and Jaylen Samuels mostly in this game with JuJu essentially being non existent and Dionte Johnson grabbing the other passing score. The defense is what impressed me the most in this game with eight sacks, an interception and two fumble forces. The defense is finally looking to be what I had hoped it would be. They have the chance to do more damage this time in the AFC North division with a matchup against the Ravens who have lost back to back games.





Tennessee Titans (2-2)

Previous Rank: 21


The Titans are so unexpected this year. One week they will lose and give up nine sacks and then the next week Mariota will throw for three touchdowns and win against, in my mind at the time, a superior Falcons team. The defense held Matt Ryan, Devonta Freeman and Julio Jones in check and held the Falcons to just 10 points. A.J. Brown did very well this week as well. This week they get the Buffalo Bills who are itching to erase last week’s performance against the Patriots.





Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2)

Previous Rank: 19


The Jaguars move up two spots after a comeback win against the Denver Broncos last week. Gardner Minshew did well in this game with two touchdown passes and 213 yards passing, but it was the running game that stole the show with Leonard Fournette having 225 yards rushing on the ground. My god what a performance. He might not have had a touchdown, but he proved just how bad this Denver rushing defense really is. This week they get the Carolina Panthers.





Detroit Lions (2-1-1)

Previous Rank: 17


The Detroit Lions move up a spot despite their loss to the Chiefs last week. Say what you want, but the Lions are true this season. Stafford did very well despite a bad hip throwing for 291 yards and three touchdowns. Kerryon Johnson ran for 125 yards and the defense was astounding holding Patrick Mahomes to no touchdowns in this game. The Lions were also in control until they lost with about 20 seconds left to play in the game. This week they have a bye so there isn’t much to discuss until week six.





Baltimore Ravens (2-2)

Previous Rank: 9


The Ravens drop six spots after losing to the Browns last week. Look I get it. You are biased and are dropping them based on their matchup this week and what they did last week. I’m not biased. While Lamar Jackson scored three touchdowns, two of them came in the fourth quarter when the game was already away from them and he threw two picks. The defense did not show up to play besides the pick, as Chubb ran all over them. This week is crucial as they get the Steelers who are coming off a huge performance against the Bengals last week.





Cleveland Browns (2-2)

Previous Rank: 22


Speaking of the Browns, they jump ahead eight spots after a surprising and dominating performance against the Baltimore Ravens last week. Mayfield did well throwing for 342 yards, a touchdown and a pick against the Ravens defense. The two main factors of this game though were the run game and the defense. Nick Chubb ran for 160 yards and three touchdowns and the defense got two interceptions off of Jackson with two of his touchdown passes coming in the fourth quarter. The Browns have another task in order as they get the very fresh 49ers Monday night.





Buffalo Bills (3-1)

Previous Rank: 10


The Bills drop three spots after a narrow loss to the Patriots this week. I want to make this very clear. This defense is destructive. They held Tom Brady to 150 yards and an interception. The passing game for the Pats was ineffective and they mostly relied on the defense and the run game. Josh Allen was such a disappointment in this game throwing three interceptions with a rushing score. He also suffered a concussion in this game forcing Matt Barkley to come in at quarterback. This week they the Titans whose offensive ability will be hindered by this stout Buffalo defense.





San Francisco 49ers (3-0)

Previous Rank: 12


Not much to talk about the 49ers as they were on bye this week. They also get a lot more rest ahead of their Monday night matchup with the Cleveland Browns who are coming off a huge victory over the Ravens. If they expect to win, the defense needs to pressure and stop Baker Mayfield and they need to make as little mistakes as possible.





Houston Texans (2-2)

Previous Rank: 5


The Texans drop six spots after losing to the Carolina Panthers. This Texans team is so hard to track as one version of them will play one week and another will play another week. Last week was a huge disappointment as the offense didn’t muster a single passing touchdown. Watson did run in for a score, but he continues to be pressured by a horrible offensive line. Hopkins was held to five catches for forty one yards which is terrible for an all star receiver like himself. Plus, the defense forced three fumbles off of Kyle Allen and they still lost. This week they get the Falcons.





Los Angeles Chargers (2-2)

Previous Rank: 13


The Chargers move up three spots after their victory over the Dolphins last week. Philip Rivers did well throwing for 310 yards and two touchdowns. Austin Ekeler had two total touchdowns and now they get Melvin Gordon back from a holdout. What he does in the run game remains to be seen and might be limited, but both might do nicely against a Denver rushing defense let up over 200 rushing yards to Fournette last week. The defense held its own, but is still struggling without Derwin James until he is healthy. They get Denver this week so expect a lot of ground game to be had in this one.





Seattle Seahawks (3-1)

Previous Rank: 11


The Seahawks move up two spots after their victory over Arizona last week. Russell Wilson didn’t do as great as what I thought he would do, but he still managed 240 passing yards and a touchdown. They mostly kept with a ground game and strong defense here as Chris Carson ran for over 100 yards and the defense picked off Murray, sacked him four times and held the Cardinals to just ten points. This week they get the Rams who just got knocked off their winning streak.





Philadelphia Eagles (2-2)

Previous Rank: 15


Honestly, I didn’t want to move Philly up this high but there just wasn’t anywhere else to put them where the list would make sense. Regardless, this team became the first team to score a passing touchdown against the Packers last week and not only that, but Carson Wentz threw three of them. The run game also came alive as Jordan Howard had three total touchdowns with two of them being on the ground with 87 yards attached. The defense played like garbage in my mind, but still intercepted Aaron Rodgers in the end zone where it counted. This week they have a date with the New York Jets.





Los Angeles Rams (3-1)

Previous Rank: 3


The Rams were shell shocked last week as they experienced their first loss of the season losing to the Buccaneers of all teams. This game was just out of this world. Here is my take though. The Rams despite putting up forty points looked really bad in this game. Goff threw for 517 total yards, but he threw 68 times and had two touchdowns along with three interceptions. Gurley wasn’t used at all in this game only having five carries, but luckily he had two touchdowns to go with those carries. The defense looked trash here giving up four passing touchdowns to Winston and two touchdowns on the ground. They will look to bounce back against Seattle this week.





Green Bay Packers (3-1)

Previous Rank: 6


The Packers don’t drop despite their loss to the Eagles. This is a hard one to do considering that Davante Adams suffered a turf toe injury and will likely miss some time. However, looking at this particular contest the Packers offense dominated while the defense suffered. They will likely drop depending on their performance this week agains the Dallas Cowboys who are itching to bounce back after their loss to the Saints.





Chicago Bears (3-1)

Previous Rank: 7


The Bears move up two spots after their dominating win over Minnesota. While it is true that Trubisky went down with an injury, Chase Daniels did well against this defense throwing for 195 yards and a touchdown. After that they relied on the ground game and defense as they held Minnesota to just six points. This week they get the Oakland Raiders who are coming off a big win against the Colts.





Dallas Cowboys (3-1)

Previous Rank: 4


The Cowboys stay put at the number four spot despite their loss to the Saints Sunday night. Overall, this was a very defensive heavy matchup between these teams with both quarterbacks throwing interceptions. Dak did alright despite his showing as his interception came off the last play of the game. Elliot was held to 35 yards on 18 carries, but he did manage a touchdown off it. Overall, the Cowboys did alright despite their loss and now they have another tough task at hand against Green Bay this week.





New Orlean Saints (3-1)

Previous Rank: 8


Maybe I was wrong for dropping the Saints so much two weeks ago after their loss to the Rams. They have won two back to back games against the Seahawks and Cowboys. Everything I said about the Cowboys could be applied to the Saints as well. This was a very defensive matchup. As for the offense, Kamara and Thomas did very well, but Bridgewater had an interception. This week the Saints get the Bucs who are coming off a huge win against a team that beat them; the Rams.





Kansas City Chiefs (4-0)

Previous Rank: 2

Kansas City Chiefs v Detroit Lions

The Chiefs almost had this one taken away from them huh? This was a very strong showing off their opponents; The Detroit Lions as their defense didn’t allow Patrick Mahomes a single passing touchdown. That being said Mahomes still threw for 315 yards and they managed to get the win with about 20 seconds left in the game. Their defense needs to step up though as this week they get the Colts who are looking bounce back after a loss to Oakland.





New England Patriots (4-0)

Previous Rank: 1


God the Patriots didn’t deserve to win this game. Buffalo held them in check all game and of course Buffalo shoots themselves in the foot with Josh Allen throwing three interceptions. Brady was bad in this contest throwing for only 150 yards and an interception. The run game was alright, but couldn’t really get anything going. The defense is what kept them in this game with the three picks and a special teams touchdown. This week the Pats get another easy contest against the Washington Redskins.




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