The Start of the New Wrestling War

Tomorrow Night, The new wrestling war begins. AEW’s Wednesday Night Dynomite with go head to head with WWE’s NXT. This is not just the middle of the week, but it is in the middle of what is proving to be the most important week in current wrestling history.

We have moved passed the Monday Night Wars, and The Attitude Era. We have moved passed the PG era. We are entering a new time in wrestling. Which may feel old in some respects, but to be frank it is the cutting edge. 

AEW will present the first major competition for WWE in almost twenty years. No one including WWE is taking this lightly. The evidence is clear when Monday Night Raw this week featured a new set, new announcers, and the return of pyro. They also made a point to drag out fan favorites like Rusev, Cesaro, and Heavy Machinery. All under the multiple segments featuring Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins.

Was it executed cleanly? No, but there were threads there that the future of Monday Night RAW is bright.

For the Wednesday Night Rivalry NXT has loaded their card with a series of title matches. Forcing their dedicated viewers to stay put for fear of missing a crucial title change. Where as AEW has put on their card what them believe to be good storytelling, and compelling talent. Not to mention their big six will be heavily featured. Cody, Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, and the Young Bucks will all be on the show giving them a sense of immediate letimacy.

If NXT gets a big leg up on week one it would not surprise me, but just like a savvy boxer I fully expect AEW to let NXT punch themselves out. Forcing the small NXT roster to become stale and their matchups to become retread. Just like their “main roster” counterparts. Where AEW will allow their roster of relatively unknown talent grow into the stars we all belive they can be.

Friday will be interesting. We are assuming a title change will happen when Brock Lesnar faces Kofi Kingston. Everyone and their Mother thinks that The Rock will face Lesnar for the title. There are rumors of C.M. Punk returning to WWE. All of this has created a buzz around this friday night that has not been felt since All In last year. Will it work, is it too much, who will show up? All of these amazing questions in the air around a WWE product is refreshing. 

As the two top dogs slug it out for American Wrestling Supremacy, New Japan begins their United States tour pairing with RIng of Honor. This is amidst talks of Impact possibly purchasing the right to ROH creating a sort of super indies. Assuming ROH maintains their relationship with New Japan and adding the talent of Impact makes an interesting company. It would be the closest thing to ECW we have seen in sometime. Essentially a truu alternative product to the “mainstream” of WWE and AEW. A brand for the hard core wrestling fan that would boast a truly unique roster.

Everything will culminate Sunday Night at WWE’s Hell In A Cell where we believe Bray Wyatt’s Fiend character will win the Universal title. If this happens it will be the final ceremonial effect to usher in this new era in wrestling. So what to call this? The 70’s and 80’s is referred to as the Golden Era, The 90’s was the Monday Night Wars, The 2000’s the Attitude Era. To the 2010’s rebirth of the Indies. So now what do we call this? My proposal, The New Beginning. After this era comes to a close I believe wrestling will have been changed permanently.

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