Pittsburgh Needs to Stop Nutting.

As you may or may not know (if you don’t know, you have to pay attention more) I am the resident HUGE baseball fan on the Bench. I write the most blog posts about baseball, have struck out more than anyone else we got (gritty data) and I just live above the HOTO boys with ease in the realm of baseball fandom. I want to talk with you today about our biggest issue today…Nutting.

Bob Nutting is the owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates and has owned the team since 2007. He owns Seven Springs and a few other endeavors which have been the main reason for the backlash – stop treating the Pirates like they are just another cash cow you douche. I spend too much of my time and money to continue to assume Nutting will solve all of my problems.

Here we see Nutting asking why the players dont steal first base when the Pitcher isn’t looking. A very valid and smart baseball question, Mr. Nutting. One that I too, when I first started watching and loving and breathing and being baseball, might have asked. But now, alas, I stand here asking instead for someone to help me stop Nutting.

Image result for bob nutting

That being said, I want to try and come together and figure out a way for all us of together to stop Nutting. Nutting has been a major issue for Pittsburgh sports fans for as long as I can remember, one that’s plagued my father and grandfather. Whether it be you or a friend, we’ve all spent our hard earned cash to go to a Pirates game an PNC park and left just sad and tired after Nutting took our energy away. It’s just something I can’t let sit any longer.

So together, how can we stop Nutting? Some would say that doing other activities instead of going to see a Nutting catastrophe would be the smart decision, but can we honestly assume that the sports fans in Pittsburgh wouldn’t want to see that beautiful view at least once a year?

Image result for pnc park view

Personally, I think chaining ourselves to the Clemente statue outside the stadium would stop us all from feeling the wrath of Nutting. If you’re with me let me know, because I will not be the only one out there chaining up my hands to stop Nutting.

Image result for clemente statue

I will say this…Clint Hurdle being fired was the right move, but it was also a scapegoat spineless move to turn the narrative away from the fact that Bob Nutting doesn’t want to spend money on the Pirates. We’ve traded away countless pieces that are turning or have turned into stars (Cole / Meadows) and wasted away the careers of the stars we’ve had (UHM CUTCH?!?!) and I’m just flat out tired of Nutting. He’s a POS with no actual intention of ever giving a shit about this franchise, and even if you aren’t a big baseball guy you have to feel the pain of the fans who really have stuck with the team.

I’m making t shirts…but in the meantime, at least we have a song named after Nutting!

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