Moneyball (We Need More Money)

Well Fantasy Fans this week, we found ourselves in Jerry Maguire screaming into a phone at Cuba Gooding Jr. We needed Baker Mayfield, OBJ, and Nick Shubb to show us the money.

Our big three only totaled 30 points this week in their defeat on Sunday Night Football. Which was the demises of the Moneyball Roster. 

You see this is the fatal flaw of the Moneyball model. When your team loses you lose, but if your team is scheduled to win ten or more games then you figure you win a lot more than you lose. Unfortunately the Browns ran into the defending NFC Champion LA Rams who look to be just as good as last year.

A Few Bright Spots.

Marlon Mack continues to put up good numbers. If he can stay healthy he can become a legit 2nd RB in fantasy.

Kyler Murray is making it very hard to start Baker Mayfield. Kyler continues to grow his points total every week. He is no Patrick Mahomes, but he is average and trending above average.

TY Hilton was on a roll, before he was hurt and had to leave the game. Had he played all four quarters, there is a chance I could have won the game in the 8 Team League.

As always bellow are the matchups. I think next week should be a good matchup for Indy against the Raiders. Where the Browns will play their first inner divisional game against the Ravens. Fingers crossed they feel the levity and a need to win and “show out”.

Thoughts From The Bench League

8 Team League

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