TFTB Fantasy Start-Sits for Week 2

It’s week 2 of the fantasy season (and I suppose the NFL season also) and we, as I mentioned, finally have a brand new template for our Start Sit! Shoutout to Tyler Faulk for his awesome work on these by the way, I’m in love.

I am not the end all be all in fantasy sports as I only went 4-6 in my leagues this weekend, but I will break down the TFTB guys start sits for the week! We start with my fantasy rival Dre who comes in with some ferocious takes early. Dre did want to mention that his guys were geared more towards Daily Fantasy than season long. I’m a huge fan of Josh Jacobs after his Monday night performance, so keeping him on the bench will be difficult. Theilen falls victim to the low passing numbers by the vikings, so no surprise there’s some worry there. I love the start of Breida this week since the 49ers literally have no other running back outside of Mustard (i know its not mustard). Odell is almost a have to start in season long due to where you drafted him, but I see a bigger target share against the jets this week even thought that defense is the real deal. And always start brady. He’s brady.

Faulk in the mix! Again, Breida is a name you’ll see a lot here. I also love the call on Chris Thompson even though Peterson will get the lions share of the traditional RB workload. Gallup is an interesting start for me. I love the Dallas offense right now, I just hope he continues to produce meaningful points. For me, I’m never sitting conner based off of where I took him, but I don’t hate the sit for daily. Mixon youll need to monitor for his ankle, but the bengals believe he should be ready to go against the Bills. Baker is a fade for me against the tough jets d just to see where he nets out, and I personally like cooks against the Saints due to lattimore most likely seeing Woods more. Not an instant start in Cooks, but I like the flex option.

OOOOOOOOOO The Rank King! Yes, I know. Darnold is out this week. That’s why this job sucks. Because he sent me these on Tuesday. Dont. Start Darnold. Absolutely start All Day as the R words starting back, and the only true “worry” I have on this list is Hollywood Brown, who just needs one catch to be the real deal. I have 0 issues with any of the sits outside of John Ross, who I believe to be an actual contributing member to the Bengals offense each week.

Now time for mine. Peterson will get a great workload this week with Guice out indefidently, and again, I love Matt Brieda. Both of these guys are like asking your cousin to homecoming….not the best looking lineup, but hey it will do. Tyrell Williams balled out last week on an AB less team, so I expect the same over time. Watkins seems to be a no brainer, and I LOVE MOORE. Plain and simple. Mike Williams has some knee complications, so as of right now hes sat right next to Kyle “0 Points” Rudolph. Rudolph will be replaced by Irv Smith in the least passing offense ever. Howard is too much or a liability for your lineup in this Eagles system as well with Miles Sanders looking to get the better looks for points (Goal line, catch plays). Trubi-Duubee needs benched right now after that bad performance last year, and I just am not sold on Murray yet. Maybe when he grows up and becomes a real boy. Who knows.

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