Start’ Em Sit’ Em Tight Ends – Week 2


Start of the Week –

Mark Andrews vs Arizona Cardinals

Man the Cardinals are in for a very rough outing against the Ravens this week. Andrews will look to add further damage to a defense that was beaten down by a rookie tight end in T.J. Hockenson in week one. His stat line speaks for itself in his week one performance against the Dolphins catching eight balls for 131 yards and a touchdown. He has a strong chance of making another strong showing in this one let me tell you that.

T.J. Hockenson vs Los Angeles Chargers

Speaking of Hockenson he had a monster showing for a rookie tight end in his NFL debut catching six balls for 131 yards and a touchdown. So with that being said I apologize for putting him as a sit last week because god did he produce or what?! While it is unlikely he will produce the same numbers it is hard to ignore his production while he tied for targets and played about nearly 3/4ths of the number of snaps won’t make him an interesting play against the Chargers this week.

Delanie Walker vs Indianapolis Colts

Man was I wrong about Walker last week. Turns out the old bull still has some life left in him as he had five receptions for fifty five yards and two touchdowns. Going against a Colts team that gave up the third most points to the tight end position last year also doesn’t hurt his chances of his production level this week. If you got him give him a shot this week.

Darren Walker vs Kansas City Chiefs

Man I really struggled with the tight ends last week as I had Darren Walker as a bust against the Denver Broncos. I took a chance on his rookie status coming into play last week, but I should have known his production would be good especially since Denver is bad at covering tight ends and Carr loves his tight ends if you didn’t see Jared Cook last year. He should have another favorable matchup this week against the Chiefs whose defense isn’t the greatest against the pass.

O.J. Howard vs Carolina Panthers

I had Howard as my start of the week last week and he severely under performed, but some of that can be blamed on Winston. He did lose a fumble though which I am a little at odds on starting him this week, but if you are like me you drafted him as your number one tight end and still expect big things out of him this season. His biggest tests will be ball control as he lost a fumble last week and getting past the Carolina defense which he should be able to do.


Jared Cook vs Los Angeles Rams

Vernon Davis vs Dallas Cowboys

Austin Hooper vs Philadelphia Eagles


Sit of the Week –

Kyle Rudolph vs Green Bay Packers

I have been saying it for a while now, but I knew Rudolph would decline heavily in 2019. This was proven when he wasn’t targeted in this game and he played all of the offensive snaps. It is hard to judge that since Cousins only threw the ball ten times, but with Irv Smith Jr being on the team as well it is only a matter of time before he takes over. It doesn’t look great this week as Green Bay’s defense is improved and will look to take away Rudolph’s chances in this one.

C.J. Uzomah vs San Francisco 49ers

For the time being it seems like Uzomah has a better chance at the starting job for the tight end position over Tyler Eifert. His chances of success are just as great as Eifert’s playing time however which is extremely limited. The 49ers held O.J. Howard in check last week and they will do the same with Uzomah this week. Just don’t make this mistake. Keep him on the bench if you even have him on your roster.

Greg Olsen vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Greg was my sit of the week last week and I got that one right with him only having four receptions for thirty six yards. Olsen doesn’t have the worst matchup this week against the Buccaneers, but I still wouldn’t put all my cards into this deck. Leave Olsen on the bench and find a better option for this week as his injury history still frightens me and the little usage he has compared to other offensive weapons on the Panthers roster is noted.

Eric Ebron vs Tennesse Titans

What did I tell you? Eric Ebron’s glory days from last season have gone up in smoke thanks to the retiring of Andrew Luck and the return of Jack Doyle. Though the Titans gave up a touchdown to Cleveland’s David Njoku last week I don’t trust Ebron for the fact that Jack Doyle might get the touchdown reception. The change of direction from pass first to run first also doesn’t help Ebron’s chances in this game. Go with somebody else.

Vance McDonald vs Seattle Seahawks

Honestly, I had no idea that Vance was even in this game until the final minutes when Ben decided to final target him. If this is the usage that we are going to get out of McDonald then I don’t want him anywhere near my lineup this week. I hope I am wrong though and Ben wises up and targets him more in this game since C.J. Uzomah and Tyler Eifert combined for ninety three yards against Seattle. The matchup is favorable, but the production is not so for now I am sadly staying away from this option, but hope he finds a way to do well.


Jason Witten vs Washington Redskins

Jimmy Graham vs Minnesota Vikings

Noah Fant vs Chicago Bears

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