Start’em Sit’em Wide Receivers – Week 1


Start of the Week –

Julian Edelman vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh defense has stepped up a whole lot from last year, but for some reason I feel very uncertain if we can control Edelman or not has been a monstrous threat to defenses and with Tom Brady getting older and no more Gronk he is going to rely on his main man to exploit any holes that might be in Pittsburgh’s system. If you have Edelman on your team though you should definitely make him your lock of the week and start him against the Steelers.

Cooper Kupp vs Carolina Panthers

Kupp gets a chance at bringing the house down once again as comes back from his season ending injury from last year to be Jared Goff’s number one target. I firmly believe Goff will target Kupp much more this season making his stats rise. He has an enticing match up against a Panthers defense who has a lot of ground to cover with Gurley, Kupp, Woods and Cooks. Look for Kupp to sneak his way into some major points in this game.

Kenny Golladay vs Arizona Cardinals

Golladay gets a better match up in the making knowing that Patrick Peterson is out until his suspension is up. This means he would go against a very unfortunate guy playing this position; Chris Jones. If you don’t know who he is that is fine because he has only two games played. Look for Golladay to eat and thrive in this game and if not him then Marvin Jones Jr, but I am almost pretty sure it is going to be Golladay.

Tyler Boyd vs Seattle Seahawks

Boyd is the best receiver on the Bengals roster with A.J. green still out with an injury. Even if Green comes back I am picking Boyd over him to do well in production. he will get a large of amount of targets this week from quarterback Andy Dalton and he should have some fun at the expense of the Seattle secondary. I normally don’t talk well on the Bengals at all, but I am positive for Boyd’s production in week one.


Dede Westbrook vs Kansas City Chiefs

Chris Godwin vs San Francisco 49ers

Will Fuller vs New Orleans Saints


Sit of the Week – T.Y. Hilton vs Los Angeles Chargers

This one is a hard one to swallow because I firmly love T.Y. as a receiver for the Colts. His appeal drastically declines though as they lost their franchise quarterback in Andrew Luck. Hilton is really hard to sit in some leagues because I know he is most likely your WR2, but without Luck he just won’t produce the same unless Jacoby Brissett proves himself to take charge on the offense.

Alshon Jeffrey vs Washington Redskins

With so many mouths to feed in Philadelphia it seems silly to consider Jeffrey on this list. However, the signing of DeSean Jackson throws a monkey wrench of production that sees the wide receivers form a committee just like the running backs in Philly. Carson might get the nod from Doug Peterson to send the ball a little more towards Jackson’s way. Jeffrey still is most likely going to get the attention of Josh Norman which opens up the door wide for other receivers to catch from Wentz.

Calvin Ridley vs Minnesota Vikings

Let me be clear here. I am very high on Ridley’s production levels this season. However, the first week of the season might be one you just might want to sit him. The routes he took as a rookie involved him going out wide which is what the Vikings defense does really well at covering. In fact last season they surrendered the third-fewest points to receivers at that position. Don’t bet your money on Ridley here. If you have a deeper league and weapons on the receiving core, you might wanna put him away for another week.

Josh Gordon vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Though I said Edelman will succeed against Pittsburgh, not all receivers are created equal. Josh Gordon is coming back after taking the rest of last season off to deal with his mental stability and drug addiction problems. Brady will look to target him a lot in this game, but i seriously doubt that Josh Gordon makes an immediate impact in fantasy football this week.

Busts –

Robby Anderson vs Buffalo Bills

Tyrell Williams vs Denver Broncos

Larry Fitzgerald vs Detroit Lions

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