Clownin’ Around

This is truly an opinion piece. Honestly. One that might strike some nerves in some people, others may agree, yinz do yinz. I’m straying from eSports and nerdy stuff for a minute here, because this topic just truly grinds my gears.

Antonio Brown. Dude…what are you doing man? Like…I can’t even begin to fathom what could be going on with him. I’ve seen a lot of people saying CTE, which is chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CTE is a neurodegenerative disease caused by multiple head injuries. Essentially, it can occur in someone who’s gotten their bell rung a few too many times. Being someone who has had upwards of 10 concussions that I can remember, I can understand this being a serious cause for concern, and if Brown legitimately has this, then dude, stop playing football. You’ve made enough money, is it really worth the risk to continue this? From what I’ve read today (sorry I’m not a super genius like some people in da Burgh), CTE has 4 stages, and generally gets worse through the stages. I’m no doctor, but it certainly doesn’t appear to be CTE. KEYWORD APPEAR. I don’t need any keyboard warriors coming at me, because I am CERTAINLY not downplaying head injuries, I’ve been there, they heckin’ SUCK.

That being said, boy what is u doinggggggggggggggggggggggggg. For the past year or so Brown has just imploded it appears. It seems this all started because Big Ben didn’t pass Brown the ball when he was wide open. This rage quit led to the feud between Ben and Brown and just escalated from there.

I’m not entirely sure what Brown was expecting…like did he want the Steelers to get rid of Ben? Like what? Ben, despite his shortcomings and past issues outside of football, has been the franchise quarterback for years. Clearly the Rooneys like him, and that’s all you need really to stick with the Steelers. Wide receivers are much more easily replaced than a quarterback in my opinion, so what was he expecting…

Fast forward to Brown skipping practice before the Week 17 game against the Bengals, causing Tomlin to bench him for the game. WHY? It was blatantly obvious Brown wanted out. All your doing now is hurting your trade value. Fast forward AGAIN to that fateful (bless up) day where we decided to trade Brown. Everyone was SLAMMING the ‘Lers for only getting a third and fifth round draft pick for him. WE COULD HAVE GOTTEN SO MUCH MORE BLAH BLAH BLAH.

We made out like bandits. Let’s just list all the wonderful issues that have come so far for the good ol’ Oakland Raiders.

  • Brown reported to training camp with frostbitten feet from a cryotherapy chamber (….wat)
  • Disappeared for 2 weeks for “treatment” of that
  • REFUSED to not wear his old helmet (even painted it to try and fool the team…lol)
  • Filed not one but TWO grievances with the NFL to get his old helmet allowed
  • Missed practice, to which GM Mike Mayock basically said commit or get out
  • Got very, very mad about being fined for that and for some unknown reason thought he should post the letter on social media
  • Topping it all off, he got into a nice confrontation with Mayock personally
View image on Twitter

I dunno about yinz, but I would NOT want this dude on my team. It’s like having a grown man, with the temperament of a teenager who is an absolute drama queen with a very, very large ego he LOVES to stroke. Do not get me wrong, at all, Antonio Brown is an INCREDIBLY talented wide receiver. One of the best of the generation without a doubt. Dude came from being a nobody to running the league when it comes to talent and receiving.

That’s all fine and dandy, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who would genuinely disagree with that. That does NOT forgive the way he’s acting. It’s disrespectful to the league, his teammates and the Raiders organization. It was disrespectful here in Pittsburgh and it’ll be disrespectful no matter where he goes. He needs to grow up and act like a professional. All this does is implore people who look up to him (if that’s still happening) to act like a child. He’s not just at fault, the Raiders are too. The fact that all it took was an apology for the Raiders to go from almost suspending him to him starting this week is honestly pathetic.

This whole dramafest needs to stop, and so does Brown. It’s making a joke of the league, and it’s ridiculous at this point. If anyone thinks otherwise, I hate to say it but you’re clownin’ around with Brown.

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