Start’em Sit’em Quarterbacks – Week 1

With Thursday’s game officially over we can get into the nitty gritty of the weekend NFL games. This is more of the line of who are the starts of the week and who you cannot trust this week. Naturally, since the Bears and the Packers played on Thursday they will be excluded from the list as well as big times stars that are sure to shine every week including Patrick Mahomes, Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey or Julio Jones. Without further ado, let’s get started!


Start of the Week –  Lamar Jackson vs Miami Dolphins

It took me a while to like Lamar Jackson. However, this kid has proven he has a gifted talent as a field general and strategist. He will be under pressure a lot this season to produce more through the air, but I have a feeling Week One is going to make him look mean. He faces a horrible Dolphins team with their only defensive threat being Minkah Fitzpatrick. Expect a lot of rushing and passes here and there with about four total touchdowns and no turnovers from Jackson. That would be two in the air and two on the run.

Russell Wilson vs Cincinnati Bengals

Russell Wilson had a really great home match up on track as he faces the Cincinnati Bengals this week. The defense for the Bengals organization has always been trash and they are going to look even worse against this team who have a lot of trouble stopping the run and covering receivers. Look for Wilson to shine through this week and make the Bengals look bad yet again.

Dak Prescott vs New York Giants

Originally Dak was going to be my start of the week, but I leaned off a bit because I picture Elliot taking a lot of the points in this one with Prescott throwing when he needs to. The Giants defense is horrendous and Prescott should have no problem locking up with Amari Cooper or Michael Gallup in this one or even throwing a touchdown to Ezekiel Elliot. I would start him in most leagues.

Jared Goff vs Carolina Panthers

This Panthers defense hasn’t gotten that much better and yet the Rams have. Goff looks for redemption from last year’s crushing Super Bowl loss in a great performance against the Panthers. Goff gets his weapon back in baby boy Cooper Kupp and other receivers Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks. He also gets Gurley back to do some damage through the air and on the ground. Goff needs to be started this week.

Sleeper Candidates –

Jimmy Garoppolo vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Josh Allen vs New York Jets

Ben Roethlisberger vs New England Patriots


Sit of the Week – Derek Carr vs Denver Broncos

Carr wasn’t going to be my sit of the week, but then the Raiders came out and said they are suspending Antonio Brown. That puts a huge hole in the Raider’s offensive scheme making Tyrell Williams the number one wideout. Williams is good, but he is no where near the amount of talent of Antonio Brown. Carr will get frustrated and make mistakes. I would honestly not be surprised if they lean on their rookie running back Josh Jacobs instead of Carr’s ability in this divisional match.

Marcus Mariota vs Cleveland Browns

This one is an obvious sit. Mariota had a very disappointing preseason basically doing worse than back up quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Expect Derrick Henry to do most of the work here, but I believe even he will have issues in a road game against the Browns. The defense got better with the addition of Greedy Williams so I would avoid Mariota at all costs even in deeper leagues.

Matt Stafford vs Arizona Cardinals

I am not putting this pick on here because Arizona’s defense is amazing. I am putting this on here because Matt Stafford is not good for fantasy purposes anymore. He might do well here and there, but he is a not a worthy starting quarterback in fantasy football anymore. He honestly hasn’t been that great for the last two years and I do not see it getting better in this week’s match up against the Cardinals. If you are going to start anyone it should be Kerryon Johnson.

Sam Darnold vs Buffalo Bills

Darnold is going to be a lot better this season. However, starting off with a very much improved Buffalo Bills team is not the way to do it. Even with the additions of Le’Veon Bell and Jamison Crowder it is going to take a lot to get through this vastly improved Buffalo defense led by new rookie sensation Ed Oliver. Darnold shouldn’t be on this side of the list a lot, but for week one this is where he belongs.

Bust Candidates –

Kyler Murray vs Detroit Lions

Case Keenum vs Philadelphia Eagles

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Baltimore Ravens


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