Tier Tuesday: Fast Food Chains

Today is the debut of Tier Tuesday.

Simple concept: every Tuesday a tier list will be posted about anything from Fantasy Football QBs to the different ways to cook a potato. We all know TFTB already has a “Rank King” but what is a king without a usurper every now and then…

Tiermaker.com is an awesome tool to make these visuals and place literally anything on earth into different customizable tiers. Definitely check it out.

Without further adieu, the first category to be covered is Fast Food Chains. DISCLAIMER – this list only includes those chains that I have been to. My criteria is the following: taste (duh), value (how much bang for the buck), and variety of the menu (several different things I could order and be pleased).

A few notes:

  • If you have never had (or heard) of Cook Out…you gotta change that. It’s eye opening.
  • Having Wawa over Sheetz could get me exiled from Western PA, but I think I offer a unique perspective on the Wawa/Sheetz state fued. I grew up in Lancaster, PA which is right on the border between both of these rivals. I have had both many times and I think while Sheetz offers more value, Wawa holds the advantage in taste (especially sandwiches and coffees) and variety. Hoagiefest is the truth.
  • I think In-N-Out is good, but definitely doesn’t live up to the hype. More of a nostalgic taste than anything. Has that 1970s vibe.
  • Whataburger is what I thought In-N-Out would be.
  • Sbarro may raise some eyebrows, but we have a history. As a young child, I absolutely loved the triangle boxes that the pizza would come in. It would be a staple of my trip on the PA turnpike and it provided me the necessary sustenance on the turnpike during the 2016 blizzard.
  • Dunkin >>> Starbucks. Unless I am posting up and getting work done at their location. That’s the only advantage Starbucks holds.

Share your thoughts. And by that, I mean don’t run me out of town for picking Wawa over Sheetz.

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