A ‘Classic’ Nostalgia Trip: World of Warcraft Classic

Having been a nerd my whole life, I don’t think many things can compare when it comes to the nostalgia of World of Warcraft. The very first MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) I played, I’d go through the school day going through the motions just waiting until I could go home and be able to hop on Ravencrest with my buddies and go run through Deadmines.

It was the good old days, where life was easy, responsibilities were minimal and questing was a perfect way to pass the time. 2019 marks the 15 year anniversary of World of Warcraft, which for a CONSTANTLY running video game is wild. You don’t often see a game continue for that long, but they are still going strong, with Battle for Azeroth coming out in August of 2018. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce an expansion this year for WoW, to keep it going. In the meantime though, at the request of thousands of fans, Activision Blizzard did something nobody expected they’d do, they released vanilla WoW, with little no changes to it. After they shut down all the classic WoW private servers and fought tooth and nail to keep them down, they shocked the world and announced they were bringing back classic WoW, and it’s taken the gaming world by storm.

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Much to my joy, it appears World of Warcraft Classic has finally dethroned Fortnite as the king of Twitch, albeit not for long but still, it happened! With huge streamers all hoping on the classic train, it’s dominated the viewership of Twitch. Ranging from Timthetatman, Dr. Lupo, Cloakzy and Sodapoppin to huge names such as Shroud, classic WoW has reigned havoc on the viewership on Twitch, at one point I personally saw it at 423k people watching someone stream classic. That’s insane, those are numbers rivaling a huge eSport event going on!

This isn’t to say it hasn’t launched without it’s fair share of issues, as any huge phenomenon would. It was projected that about 4 million people had logged or tried to log in to the classic servers on release day, and that caused a very long wait time for a good portion of them. I myself tried to log in on launch day when I got home from work. Let me just list this out.

6:00pm EST: Classic WoW officially live
7:00pm EST: I get home from work, I expect a wait so I head upstairs, boot up the ol’ PC and log in. I’m only 7000 in line, no big deal to be expected honestly. Should be fine in like an hour or so.
8:00pm EST: Having just consumed some delicious Mac n’ Cheese, I promptly went upstairs to enjoy the nostalgic rush from classic.
8:05pm EST: I’m currently at spot 6400. Oh…okay it’s fine I’ll come back later.
9:45pm EST: Spot 6000…………………
11:30pm EST: Spot 5230….classic was not happening that night.

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That’s the general experience most people had on launch night because Blizzard vastly underestimated how many people would try to play the game, which is genuinely a good sign I think. If that many people want to play, it’s better to be breaking the servers from too many people wanting to play than having too little people. So overall, it was a good problem to have that was remedied by servers being added and capacity being increased!

Image result for world of warcraft classic quest lines
The wait wasn’t only in getting in the game, the vast number of players caused quests to need lines just to kill NPCs!

With how Blizzard has it set up, you have to have a current subscription to WoW to be able to access classic, as it’s bundled with the retail version. I’m assuming their method was people will play classic, fall back in love with the game and want to play retail again. It worked for me, I’ve fallen victim to their scheme…but honestly, it’s a great time in general for gaming. It goes to show that dedication to a series and a love of gaming can prove that any game can transcend time. Kudos to Blizzard for bringing back what was once loved by many, to rekindle the flames in a large number of people.

I know I’ll be playing World of Warcraft Classic for a long, long time. 50% because I love the game and 50% because it’s same insanely hard to level and reach max level as well as do all the raids that it will actually take me a long, long time to do it…BUT SOON. SOON RAGNAROS SHALL CATCH THESE HANDS. Until then though, I’ll settle for some lil Murlocs.

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