Buffalo Bills Cut Shady

On the cusp of a pathetic Manchester United performance where I had to watch Greg be happy with one point (heartbreaking), ESPN’s Shefty has reported that the Buffalo Bills have released Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy.

If any player has ever given me anxiety on the field, it’s McCoy’s inability to hold the ball close to his chest. Dude holds the ball the same way I do a loaf of bread in aisle 4 at Giant Eagle

This has major fantasy implicetions for the simple fact that Devin Singletary, the former FAU stud, is their starter. The team brought in everyones favorite PPR backup in T.J. Yeldon this offseason, as well as the oldest man on two feet Frank Gore to solidify their backs.

For me personally, Shady to the Texans seems almost too real to be true. Shady has gas in the tank left, don’t get that part mixed up. The dude is still a quality back, just not the most important piece on a brand new and young Bills Offense.

Here’s my fantasy advice. Target the Singletary AND shady owner. See if either are on the waiver wire. Devin will be the Bills starter, and Shady will ABSOLUTELY get picked up in a system that knows what he can do.

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