The Five Things WWE Needs To Bring Back

WWE is doing some interesting things lately in their style of business. They have brought back some incredible ideas such as bringing the Women’s division back to conversation, making the 24/7 Championship and the newly destructive “Fiend” character of Bray Wyatt. Overall, there have been some great ideas that have been brought to life, but what about the other ideas. What other great things can WWE do to give their ratings a boost. I have some ideas and here they are.

#5 Have an Unstoppable Faction Either on RAW or Smackdown Live


I can honestly say the last time that I thought a decent faction came into the WWE was when the Shield arrived and created havoc. Many factions have delighted us with their brash power before though. The Nexus, Legacy, The Authority, Degeneration X, The Wyatt Family, etc. Right now there is only one clear faction and they are in NXT; The Undisputed Era. If WWE eventually sends them up from the Minor Leagues of NXT then I won’t have to worry about this. However, they seem to be content on thriving in NXT. I would love to see either them or a new faction take rise in WWE and dominate.


Make King of the Ring Mean Something


For years and years when King of the Ring was brought back it has been treated as a pure joke. The last time it actually meant something was when Booker T won it and transitioned into the King Booker character. Over the top segments involving accent changes, his wife becoming his queen and crowns and robes galore. This movement revived Booker’s career and should be doing the same thing for other superstars. Sadly, for individuals like William Regal, Sheamus and Wade Barrett it did no such thing. Their careers went back into the dirt. I am hoping that King of the Ring this year will do wonders to the career for the winner.


Effective Managers


There is one effective manager in WWE right now and it is Paul Heyman with Brock Lesnar. What happened to good managers man? They have been forgotten, misused and just awful. If WWE had more electric managers like Paul Heyman backing their talents then we wouldn’t have to worry about them screwing up on the mics or doing things that would make us roll our eyes and throw up in a bag. Get people out there to help talent young and veteran alike. It just makes for better television.


Cyber Sunday


I understand the risks for this one I do, but WWE is doing themselves dirty if they do not cash in the modern age use of technology with an old PPV. Cyber Sunday might not have been perfect, but it gave us some interesting matches and results. Of course you have the downside of things involving hacks that could trigger unpleasant results within the matches so I understand the negative with it. However, the WWE Universe has always wanted to be a major part of the event. They want their voices heard and I think by brining this PPV back they could do just that and make some fans happy by deciding opponents, match stipulations, etc.


The Championship Scramble Match


The Championship Scramble match was developed in the year of 2008 to become the center piece of the Unforgiven PPV. Pictured above is Chris Jericho after capturing the World Heavyweight Championship in a scramble match. The concept of the match is actually very simple. Five men compete in this match for a total of 20 minutes. Two men start off in the match and every five minutes a new superstar enters. Every time someone pins or submits someone else they become the current champion. Whoever is the last one to pin or submit someone before the time ends becomes the official champion. Think how many young stars could reach potential in this match for a major title or it could bring some new life into a mid card championship. The sky is limitless with this idea and it is the number one idea that needs to be brought back to WWE.

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