The NFL Players You Shouldn’t Draft This Year

Draft season is upon us boys and girls. I have done two drafts already and still have two to go. Last time I told you five draft strategies to do and five not to do. This time i am going to go through two players for the positions of quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end. These individuals are the ones you should avoid drafting this year in fantasy football. Let’s get started.


Derek Carr


Don’t get me wrong Carr did decently well in fantasy last year. This year he has the additions of receivers Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams, rookie running back Josh Jacobs and a helpful offensive tackle in Trent Brown. So why am I saying don’t draft him? Well, I believe the pressure will get to Carr and he will crack like an egg. The locker room doesn’t have faith in Carr and all these elements with the added cameras and media from Antonio Brown’s antics will cause Carr to sink further down in the season mark my words.

Jared Goff


There is just something about quarterbacks coming back after a Super Bowl loss. Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, etc. Although Goff is a smart play in the minds of some fantasy owners I have to disagree. With Gurley’s status up in the air due to his knee issues, Goff’s quarterback abilities for fantasy will be affected. A good quarterback needs a strong run game to take some of the pressure off of his arm and if Gurley can’t go 100% then I can’t put 100% of my trust into Goff’s ability this year.

Running Backs

David Johnson


Look I get it David Johnson in the minds of many is probably a 1st round selection in fantasy football. Here is the thing. I just don’t trust his level of production and how he is going to do. Kliff Kingsbury incorporates a very specific style of offense and I just do not see Johnson being a huge part of that. I see Murray going out and slinging darts to receivers like Christian Kirk, Larry Fitzgerald, Andy Isabella and Michael Crabtree. As for the run game he will do his fair share, but depending on the pressure put on the offensive line Murray might be pulling a Josh Allen and run for his life. It just has too many negatives for me to consider Johnson someone to draft this year.

Devonta Freeman


Besides Leonard Fournette, there is probably not another running back I trust the least than Devonta Freeman. I think he is a running back that just gets hurt way too often and in fantasy you just cannot trust that. His running style is just too dangerous to his own health in my mind. I mean I’m no doctor, but he literally just smashes into defenders and keeps running. That might sound stupid, but the way he does it just looks like he is going to get hurt every time. I wouldn’t be surprised honestly if he got hurt this year too (knock on wood). Just avoid him to save yourself the grief that is going to come if that so happens.

Wide Receivers

Antonio Brown


This one to most people should be a no brainer, but I still have to put this one out there for those believers out there. Here is the thing. We all know Brown is a productive athlete and can get the job done, but he is one of the least trusted people in fantasy football right now. Let me count the ways. One, his antics last year with his attitude and commitment had him miss a crucial game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He then became a Oakland Raider and instead of Ben Roethlisberger throwing him the ball it will be Derek Carr… who is also on this list. Then he goes and gets frostbite on his feet damaging them as well. He then threatens to retire if he does not get the helmet he wants which is deemed unsafe by the NFL. He has the ability, but so much baggage to go along with it that you just cannot afford to trust.

Josh Gordon

Cleveland Cavaliers v Golden State Warriors

I hate putting him on here because honestly I want Josh Gordon to succeed in football. However, with that production comes the dark side of Josh Gordon. Drug addiction has plagued this athlete with the worst of scenarios in the NFL. Constant suspensions keep his availability in the dark and there is also the mental toll that comes with it forcing Gordon to make the decision to step away from the NFL near the end of last season. There is no doubt that with Tom Brady throwing him the ball he could be special like he was last year, but they have way too many mouths to feed in New England including Julian Edelman, N’Keal Harry, Demaryius Thomas, Ben Watson and all of his running backs. You may just want to play it safe with this one and not draft him.

Tight Ends

Jared Cook


Some of you might be going what?! Why not draft Cook when he has a better quarterback in Drew Brees throwing him the ball. The answer ladies and gentlemen is very simple. How often is he going to be targeted? At least in Oakland we saw him get a majority of the balls thrown to him because Oakland didn’t really have any good receivers. In New Orleans you have Michael Thomas, Tre’Quan Smith, Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray who all can be targeted by Brees. He is going to give you average numbers this season which sucks because everybody is going to be expecting the numbers he posted last year. That isn’t going to happen.

Kyle Rudolph


Kyle Rudolph was a tight end that once had promise to get you a lot of points based on his usage in the red zone. However, that has all now become an object of the past. Rudolph was barely utilized last season and got multiple games with single digit points. That cannot be something you want to encounter going into this fantasy season. There are just too many other targets for Kirk Cousins to throw the ball to and now his usage will be even less with the Vikings drafting Irv Smith Jr to participate in the offense as well.

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