My First Dynasty Draft Thoughts

This year was my first year drafting in a dynasty league. For those that have no clue what this is I’ll explain. A dynasty league is essentially where you retain most or all of your players from year to year. With this in my mind, I figured this would be just like any other league. Man was I wrong. I don’t believe I was the worst team in this league, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for this. Even with the third pick in the draft with a twelve team league it was difficult especially with picking twenty two players. My face was just like Big Ben’s after I was done, but judge for yourself as I go through the positions and picks that I selected.


Dak Prescott


Dak was actually my second quarterback I took when selecting in this draft. Dak’s contract issues with Ezekiel Elliot worry me a tiny bit, but this seems like a solid choice for my first dynasty draft. He’s young yet somewhat experienced with talent that I personally enjoy watching. He should give me a lot of seasons to cheer about.

Kyler Murray


Kyler Murray was the first quarterback I took and if I remember correctly I selected him in the 10th round. I was a little surprised that he wasn’t taken sooner, but I decided to roll the dice on an explosive young rookie to take the stage when I need him to. I am expecting a lot out of this kid when it comes to fantasy so here is hoping he does not disappoint me.

Running Backs

Alvin Kamara


Now I might be kicking myself here. You see I was late to enter in the draft and having the third pick it auto selected me Alvin Kamara. I am not complaining about this whatsoever, but I kinda wanted McCaffrey and he went fourth overall. That being said, I am looking forward to Kamara’s explosive running and pass catching in this PPR dynasty league. The thing that concerns me is that he doesn’t have Ingram anymore to come in when he is a little out of gas which he rarely is. Instead he has Latavius Murray who is alright, but I don’t trust him a lot. Kamara should get a big workload which means big points for me.

Damien Williams


This was a tricky one for me. By the time that my first pick was selected multiple receivers went off the board and it was between Williams and Antonio Brown. I went with a big judgement call and selected Williams in the second round strictly off of trust. I can trust him to be at games and practices getting ready without shenanigans. It was difficult for me because I normally always go running back and then receiver, however I believe Williams will do very well for my team in the long run scheme.

Chris Carson


Carson is an excellent runner and I believe his ability can take my team to new heights. Seattle is a run first offense and Carson is the clear cut back in charge with Davis heading to Chicago and Penny hopefully taking a back seat. He also does well catching the ball which helps out in PPR formats. He should do quite well fitting in the flex position or stepping up to the RB #1 or RB #2 role when byes roll around.

Austin Ekeler


I took a chance on Ekeler mainly due to the factors surrounding Melvin Gordon. Will he play? Will he not play? To be honest I’d rather have a nice security blanket in the form of Ekeler if Gordon decides to sit out. He has shown he can run and catch the ball very well and the chance he has waited for is drawing near. Hopefully, if Gordon sits out he and Philip Rivers can combine to dominate in the PPR formatting.

LeSean McCoy


I personally did not like this pick, but I felt backed into a corner and picked Shady. I do not like the pick for two main reasons. One, he is getting up there in age. Yes I get it I know, Adrian Peterson was a stud last year and is basically ancient, but something bothers me about taking older running backs in a dynasty league. Two, Buffalo is about to be a huge running back committee. The team signed veteran Frank Gore and T.J. Yeldon while also drafting rookie Devin Singletary. Shady is the number one back going in, but who knows which one of these backs might knock him off the top.

C.J. Anderson


I took a chance here going with Anderson based on what he did last year. Anderson took the mantle in Los Angeles when Gurley went down with his knee issues. He did fairly well being a bit of a heavy set back and I am hoping if Johnson ever went down with another injury that Anderson will be there in Detroit to pick up the pace a little bit.

Benny Snell Jr.


Who thought I wasn’t gonna put a Steeler on this list. All fan talk aside I have been very impressed with Snell in the two preseason games he has played in. While he is currently behind Jaylen Samuels for the back up role to Conner I would not hesitate to say that if he gets more opportunities he will shine in them. The minor groin injury he suffered against Kansas City doesn’t scare me that much because he is there for the long run and will put in the time and energy to keep thriving in Pittsburgh.

Alexander Mattison


I gotta admit. I didn’t know a lot about this kid going into the draft. I drafted him because he was young and also because his stats have impressed me in the preseason. Knowing Cook has a bit of an injury history doesn’t hurt either. Mattison will look to do damage when he is needed and hopefully do well for my team down the road.

Wide Receivers

Adam Thielen


Thielen was my third pick in the draft and my first receiver on my squadron. He wasn’t my first option at receiver but like I said a lot of the major receivers went off the board as soon as the four main running backs were taken. Thielen however is no slouch when it comes to receiving as last season he had 100 or more receiving yards in the first half of it. I believe the problems with Cousins may subside or maybe even come back, but Thielen should be great no matter what comes his way.

Tyler Boyd


I know I picked a Bengals player I can’t believe it myself. On the upside, I believe I picked the best player on the Bengals roster aside from running back Joe Mixon who went in the first two rounds. With A.J. Green getting older and getting injured early Boyd should see a lot of targets come his way from Andy Dalton being that himself and Mixon are the only two worth targeting in the passing game.

Will Fuller

NFL: Houston Texans at Seattle Seahawks

Will Fuller is a good receiver. He connected very well with Watson at the start of Watson’s rookie campaign and received a lot of long touchdown passes as well. His injury history frightens me a bit but having the number two receiver in Houston never hurts especially with Hopkins being covered a lot by the defenses. Look for Fuller to take advantage of these situations and bring points to my team.

Cole Beasley

Buffalo Bills v Carolina Panthers

Another Buffalo Bill comes my way in the form of wide receiver Cole Beasley. I believe this man will be the go to guy for tight spots when Josh Allen has them. Beasley’s experience in Dallas should surely help Allen out in the passing game and even though he has been playing the game a long time, I still trust him to be apart of my dynasty team.

Adam Humphries


A second Adam makes his way onto my team in the receiving department. Humphries has been called the Titan’s riskiest move as of late when they signed him, but I see this as a pleasant move for Tennessee and my dynasty team. Aside from Delanie Walker, Marcus Mariota hasn’t had a very reliable option to throw to. Humphries brings a little bit of a security blanket to help Mariota in the passing game. He did decent work in Tampa Bay and I am sure he will bring a decent workload to the Titans and my team.

DeSean Jackson


I’m gonna be real here. I don’t like the Philadelphia Eagles, but I like the thought of Carson Wentz throwing the ball to DeSean Jackson. Jackson has the speed and agility to get major plays done. Even though there are a lot of mouths to feed in Philly, I predict Jackson does very well and gets the number three receiving option behind Alshon Jeffery and Zach Ertz. I am really looking forward to seeing those long hail mary like attempts go Jackson’s way this season.

Josh Reynolds

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals

Even though I didn’t get one of the three major Rams receivers, I took a chance and selected Josh Reynolds for my team. Reynolds broke out last year late in the season when Cooper Kupp went down with a season ending injury and did quite well with the chemistry he had with Jared Goff. If something where to occur with one of those main receivers I predict Reynolds will step up and handle business just like he did last season.

Willie Snead


Snead is a reliable option in fantasy this year. When you think about Baltimore, you really don’t consider the passing game quite as strong with Lamar Jackson at quarterback. This is no secret as they have demonstrated they are a run first team now. However, in the passing game Snead is the clear number one receiver with Marquise “Hollywood” Brown looking to fill in as he can being a rookie. Snead is a veteran in the game and is likely to get you maybe 9-10 points a game in PPR formatting. That doesn’t seem like much, but who knows maybe one day you’ll need those points and that is what I am counting on by drafting him.

Tyrell Williams

NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA

Tyrell Williams is a sleeper candidate for me this season. He did excellent work with Philip Rivers in Los Angeles and even though people doubt the same connection with Derek Carr I disagree. The Raiders are under a lot of pressure to do well this season and with Antonio Brown joining the team I see this as an upside for Williams. Brown has already proven he is not trust worthy and with his feet acting up and emotions out of whack, Williams could see more balls coming his way down the stretch.

Tight Ends

Mark Andrews


The tight end department ran kind of cold when the main players were taken off the board. I decided to play it safe and wait further down the line in the draft to take Baltimore’s Mark Andrews. he proved last year to be a valuable target to Lamar Jackson and hopefully his ability thrives this year as well for my team.

Ben Watson


Veteran players kind of scare me in dynasty drafts, but I figured as a backup tight end this year and with not a lot of talent being left on the board I went with New England’s Ben Watson. He has already been with the Patriots before and having that veteran instinct could help Tom Brady in the passing game a lot now that Rob Gronkowski has retired. He will be serving a four game suspension due to the usage of a controlled substance, but the moment he steps back on the field the chemistry between him and Brady should come back.


Robbie Gould

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

I only chose one kicker for my team and with Justin Tucker and Greg Zuerlein going off the board I went with the next best option in my own opinion. Gould is an extremely accurate kicker missing only one field goal last season going 33 for 34. The 49ers do very well in the kicking department with Gould and I hope to expect the same accuracy this year as last season.

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