I know, I know…how many times can we ask for more from one of golf’s greatest warriors? Tiger Woods has had an entire life, and he’s only 43. This weekend is the Northern Trust in Jersey and already the rumors of Tiger not being able to participate have come swinging in full effect.

Tiger is always going to be some form of injured, that’s just a truth all golf fans have to come to terms with. Throughout his playing career, it’s always been a battle of just pure…awesomeness. Alas, one injury leads to a new swing which brings up another injury which leads to some changes which leads to a never ending string of injuries all rooted with the dudes back.

The reason he still plays is simple enough. Jack has 20. Tiger has 17. That magic number has always been tied to Tiger because well, we thought he was the one. I know that I was for sure a part of the camp that counted him out to win the Masters, but how many miracle runs do we have left?

Tiger currently sits 29th in the FedEx Cup Rankings, and for some (myself included) that’s a feat in itself. Golf isn’t as easy as it looks, and if you’ve ever played golf you know it’s damn hard. I hope you got to watch the Masters victory when it happened because honestly, I don’t predict any more.