The Beautiful Story Telling of New Japan Pro Wrestling

When Jon Moxley first stormed on to the scene in New Japan Pro Wrestling he took the belt from Juice Robinson. Well he effectively beat the snot out of Juice Robinson and walked away with his title.

It was after that monumental beatdown that Jon Moxley demanded to be inserted into the G1 Climax. From there Mox went on an absolute tear through the B-Block. Beating everyone, well every but Yano.

So headed into the final weekend of the G1 Climax Moxley is at the top of the B-Block. With a win he will go on to face eihter Ibushi or Okada in the final. 

So how fitting is it that the only thing standing in his way is Juice Robinson. It will be a rematch of Mox vs Juice. This time Juice has the ability to take something from Moxley. Something that he has been chasing for months, his chance to main event the G1. Most importantly his chance to face the IWGP Heavyweight Champion at Wrestle Kingdom. Everything is on the line this weekend for Mox, and the wrestling word is foaming at the mouth to see it.

Some really important points to take away from this. Both these guys were in the WWE. Both were drastically underutilized. Granted in far different ways but either way both left for greener pastures.

Now they meet in a different promotion that does not consider itself to be a story based promotion. Yet they have crafted an angle told over the course of three months. The story has elevated both wrestlers to super star status. The story has created a boiling point where the scorned wrestler has a chance to get revenge. This time with real steaks on the line. 

It’s a beautiful example of what Pro Wrestling can be. It is something that is rarely seen in today’s WWE product. Most importantly it is something that should be applauded by our community. Often New Japan is given credit for incredible matches. Recently the promotion has really started to tell some incredible stories that have bled over to the American fan base. 

I know that the new Wrestling War is between AEW and WWE. However if New Japan continues to tell these amazing stories you will have to consider this a triple threat.

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