The famine is over! Hall of Fame Game, preseason, who cares?! From now until February 2, 2020 we will have football EVERY WEEK. It’s time to celebrate. By that, I mean it’s time to look at the plays in football that make me go like this…

A Well-Executed RB Screen

Yeah, it’s cool to watch the play develop prior to the screen being thrown. But there is nothing like watching the linemen pave the way for the RB who then breaks away. Linemen running like an absolute herd.

When the punt coverage team is able to prevent a touchback and pin the other team DEEP

As the punt hangs in the air, the anticipation builds of which way it’s going to bounce. The difference between the other team starting at their 20 vs within their own three yardline. Random coverage guys flying like gymnasts to keep the ball and their bodies from the endzone.

A Blindside sack on the QB

When you see the corner or edge lineman making a FREE break for the QB, you know something big is going to go down. Your posture rises as the defender inches closer as the QB has zero clue. And then WHAMMY!

When the big boys get the ball in their hands

Offensive and defensive linemen run with the ball with a certain wind of confidence. They know the odds aren’t in their favor, but they run without fear. Sometimes it works out…

…And other times it doesn’t…

When the ball bounces really high on an onside kick

For the spectator, online kick bounces seem random. But I like to think that the kicker knows exactly how to strike to ball to get that timely and beautiful high bounce. It’s a thing of beauty as the ball floats through the air as the two teams collide like warriors clashing.

A good old fashioned stiff arm

I love a guy getting jacked up as much as the next guy. But watching an offensive playmaker return the favor is awesome. I particularly love watching the five seconds after the impact. The ball carrier picks up speed as the defender quickly gathers himself and his pride.

The angle you get when the camera is behind the kicker on field goals.

I prefer this angle over the one where the camera is behind the goal posts. You have a much better view and the trajectory of the ball. You can really see the ball tracking to doink off one of the goalposts and then doinking off another goal post…you know…if that would ever happen or something…

A RB/TE Shovel Pass

The play develops. The QB goes wide and you assume the play is going to the outside. But then you see a streaking RB or TE underneath and through the middle. The QB reads his option and then executes a perfect shovel pass with the blocking and defense out of position.


I have no words for how much I love watching this play. So, just watch all these videos below. I’ll probably name my two children “Hook” and “Ladder.” That’s how I feel about this play.

Am I the only one who gets chills when I hear, “THE LATERAL” from this Boise State game…

Welcome back to football…We made it!