MAAAAAAAAN. In the words of one Pam Beesly, “What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

"What a long, strange trip it's been."

Ok so like…that looks terrible. But you get what I’m saying.

This is it guys. We did it. There is actual, preseason, HOF Game football on the horizon and all we have to do is make it through one work day to celebrate.

Tonight, the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos FACE OFF in the single most anticipated football game since the Super Bowl!

I should say it’s only anticipated because A) the NFL Stops after the Super Bowl and B) it means were back.

I’m actually excited for tonight on a football level. One thing we have to all be aware of is this is way more of an exhibition than anything. I enjoy week 3 and 4 of the preseason, mainly because that’s when bubbly guys are trying to kill each other to make a roster.

Drew Lock will get a couple reps tonight which is actual very exciting.

The kid that Smalls hates is a bit of an enigma at QB and honestly, I think he could eventually be a decent NFL QB, but he will have to fend of Kevin Hogan for the QB2 spot behind Joe Flacco this season.

Side note, I cannot believe I found a Kevin Hogan Highlights video. You really can find anything on the internet.

For the Falons, I’m excited to see Qadree Ollison, the former Pitt running back. The kid will get a legit shot at being their RB2 this year since Ito Smith didn’t clinch the title formally last season. Also, camp stand out Brian Hill will get his chance for that RB2 spot as well.

Also, shamless plug, make sure you watch Two Beers Deep from 6-7 on the TFTB Facebook Page as your pregame celebrations. What else are you going to do, it’s a Thursday in August. It’s way too hot to go out, you just got paid so don’t go blowing your money at the bar and that one friend who has that one thing that you kinda want to go to but kinda dont want to go to isn’t as important as your mental health and football so….watch Two Beers Deep tonight!

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