My highlights of the Reds/Pirates BaseBRAWL Game

Don’t worry – I am not going to get deep into the blame game or a tirade on the stupid jurassic unwritten rules of the game.

This fight had everything and more. Garrett charging a team’s dugout Leeroy Jenkins style, manager David Bell getting in the mix after already being ejected earlier in the game, and Puig right in the thick of things despite being traded to Cleveland minutes prior.

But before getting into the highlights of last night’s fight, three people who are in the wrong from last night.

  1. First and foremost: Keone Kela. He should not have thrown high and somewhat inside on Dietrich. He literally admitted intent saying this action was overdue. Come on, man – this whole situation was all but dead and you did this just because you didn’t get the chance three months ago. Kela definitely has the type of temperament to do this completely on his own.
  2. Amir Garrett. The inning after the Kela/Dietrich incident, the Reds had Jared Hughes immediately hit Starling Marte in the butt which is completely fine by me. Not equating the actions, but each team had their moment. Hughes got ejected and was replaced by Garrett who came into the game absolutely fuming. He was ready to throw down in two ways: (1) throw down the heart of the plate to give up a three run home run to Jose Osuna and (2) throw down with the whole Pirates dugout. Morally speaking, he should not have charged the Pirates and deserves blame. Entertainment(ly) speaking, he totally should have.
  3. David Bell. He loves putting on his big tough guy pants in the moment and then playing the sole victim in the post-game interview. He is the ringleader of his team and shouldn’t have stormed the field, after being ejected, to charge Clint Hurdle. Dude has serious little brother vibes.

Okay, brief rant over. Now let’s look at my favorite highlights from the fight:

Garrett’s charge and commentary by announcer.

I really love how the announcer calls it….”And Here. We. Go. OOOH!” If Garrett would have landed half of that punch, he would have Ivan Drago’d Trevor Williams.

All 5’5″ 155 lbs of Pirates hitting coach Rick Eckstein bodying David Bell

Promote Rick Eckstein to manager TODAY.

This cop

AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh reporter Robby Incmikoski’s Poker Face

Yeah – he is a professional so he has to keep it cool. But we all know how he was feeling on the inside…

And my favorite: this interchange between Kela and Puig when Kela returned a player’s hat (second clip in thread)

I love everything about this. Puig is the absolute man and that firm point was the most impactful attack of the night.

So if last night wasn’t exciting enough, the Pirates and Reds play (or fight?) again today at 12:35 PM.

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