Why You Should Go To A Hardcore Show

Before I get this article started let me just explain what a hardcore show is. A hardcore show is one that incorporates heavy music with heavy involvement in the crowd such as crowd surfing, mosh pitting, etc. The music that I would associate this type of event with would be the following; metal, post hardcore, pop punk or punk. In my lifetime I have probably been to about twenty some shows and festivals and mostly all of them have fallen under this category.



You are probably sitting there reading this going why in the world would I want to go to one of these events. You might be scared because of what you see on the news or what you read about online. You might be thinking these people are animals or are nuts. I am here to tell you that is complete nonsense. So sit down and get ready to head bang because these are the reasons why you should go to a hardcore show.




Reason #1

The Fans And The Energy

I can promise you this. The fans at a hardcore show are some of the most dedicated and devoted people I have ever seen in my entire life. Whenever a group comes on and asks them to do something they will do it. From crowd surfing to mosh pitting to making sure the singer gets across the crowd in a giant hamster ball they have a blast and never complain. Getting involved is probably one of the best things you can do at these shows because you are then apart of it. It is sewn into your skin, your sweat and your blood and you can say I was apart of that. If you don’t want to do anything that “crazy” then you can always sing, scream, dance and bump your head along to the music provided for you. The fans and the energy given by them are what makes hardcore shows memorable and is a big reason why you should go to one.

Reason #2

The Crowd and Band Look Out For You

Right now you must all be thinking I am stupid by saying this because of the crazy things that go on at these shows, but yes the band and crowd care about your safety at these events. I can’t tell you how many times I have fallen down in a pit or crowd surfing and someone has been there to pick me back off my feet to prevent something bad from happening. I even lost my shoe in a mosh pit before and some guy went out of his way to grab it and throw it to me. When crowd surfing everyone puts their full trust in people when getting surfers to the front and into the hands of security. Shows like this have a complete trust and cooperation with one fan to the next. Honestly, these people although they might seem scary or mean when you see them moshing are hands down some of the nicest people I have ever met. Bands have even stopped their shows either in the middle of a song or in between songs to address certain individuals in the crowd that are deliberately causing hurt on others. A recent one came from Slipknot’s Corey Taylor who in between songs told everyone to be safe and that nobody was getting hurt on his watch. Do not be deceived or scared people the band and the crowd are actually there to keep you safe.




Reason #3

Branch Out Your Music Taste

There are certain people out there who only listen to one style of music. To that I say branch out your music people. Do you have any idea how boring it is to here if you’ve gone to the same style genre of concert. Now you are probably thinking Austin you’re a hypocrite. You just said you have been to mostly the same style of show all your life. To counter that I have been to three country concerts, three rap concerts and some classic rock shows as well. I also listen to various music on the day normally depending on my mood. However, there are people out there that will not branch out and listen to the same style of music every day. Where are the chances we are taking people? Where is the imagination and the creativity. If you do what these certain people you are completely limiting your mind to what else is out there. Be better than this.




Reason #4

Don’t Wanna Workout? You’ll Break A Sweat Here

This is kind of a dumb one, but I am throwing it out there anyway. If you are not a fan of working out then believe me you will break a sweat at these shows. I have left these shows literally dripping in sweat and sore as if I had just been in the gym for a while. From mosh pitting to running around crazy in circle pits and constantly lifting individuals up for crowd surfing you are constantly moving around and using energy. The crazy thing is that after every show that I did these crazy things at I went home even though I was in a pile of sweat and sore from head to toe I was glad I did it because I got to meet amazing people and got to be apart of something incredible to not only me, but my city as well.




Reason #5

The Music Speaks To You

As music relates to people the same can be said about shows like this. An example with this kind of music would be the anti establishment so to speak. Punk music was heavily involved in this. Some people may go well sometimes you can’t understand what they are saying so how can it speak to you. The answer to that is how much the crowd reacts to it. If you got people screaming and shouting along you can understand that these fans have a sort of emotional attachment to it that speaks to them. You got something that you are down in the dumps about? Chances are someone in the crowd or in the band has that same issue. We are all one with similar issues but with different lives. It all comes back to connection. People at these shows might seem very different than you, but they all express themselves in ways you could relate to. The big one for this is the music. The music brings us together as fans and helps us cope with some of the stuff we are dealing with. So whether it is the actual lyrical content, the shredding of the guitars, the banging of the drums, or the rumbling motions of the crowd the important thing to remember is that when you go to these shows you can relate to one of the following items and understand it.

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