So you’re storming area 51 and you can take five wrestlers with you… Who are they? This was posted in the Wrestling League Group chat today and well. It is something I have thought about to a great extent and would like to share my list with all of you.

#5 Shockmaster

We know that the Shock Master is good at busting through walls. He also has similar technology to Storm Troopers. Creating a human wrecking ball that should be able to handle whatever types of atmospheres we experience in the world’s most secret base.

#4 R-Truth

Since this whole thing is going to resemble that of a Scooby Doo Cartoon probably going to need the closest thing we can find to Shaggy. Whatever pickle we find ourselves wrapped up in I am sure Truth will be able to get free. Then hopefully through a series of wakey events free us.

#3 El Torito

There is a good chance that at some point we will be faced with an air vent or a complicated laser field protecting something. We will need a small fast acrobatic guy to help us out. Few would fill this role better than El Torito.

#2 Giant Gonzalez

We are definitely going to need a heater on this squad. Who better than the half man, half monkey, half Sasquatch, Giant Gonzalez. It is guaranteed he will be able to stand toe to toe with whatever we come across in there. Justin form the Wrestling League pointed out that El Torito and Giant Gonzalez also could create a Rocket and Groot type scenario.

#1 Stardust

The Cosmic Prince is from outer space. He would hopefully be able to help us communicate with the alien life forms. I would also imagine he will have a rough understanding of how to pilot any UFO’s we find.

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