Last night on 205 Live Drake Maverick attacked Mike Bennett. That statement may not seem like a big deal a few months ago. But since the 24/7 Title it means a lot. It will be everyone’s first true taste of Drake Maverick in the ring. It will be Mavericks first step towards being an in-ring performer and more than just a mouth piece. It new star entering their first real feud.

It all happened because of the 24/7 Title. It all happened because Drake Maverick used his seconds of air time to get over and became a commodity the fans want to see. Lucky for him they only know him for his humor, wait till the find out he can actually go. 

When Mick Foley introduced the 24/7 Title it was meant to build stars, and it did kinda. It built R-Truth into even more of a legend then he already is. It wasn’t until this most recent back and forth with Drake Maverick did we see the true potential of this belt. Taking a relatively non existent character and putting him center stage on the best thing going in WWE. Sure it was all based in humor, but I believe the admiration to be real.

Now as Maverik looks to take the next step forward as a bonafide star we have a lot to look forward too. A guy of his ability on the mic and in the ring can not be overlooked. He could literally crawl out of obscurity and into a midcard spot. His size will always be an issue in Vince McMahon’s eyes, but his ability to get over can not be ignored.

I personally have high hopes for Drake Maverick moving forward. But more importantly the experiment has worked. The 24/7 Title is giving a spotlight to the deepest parts of the WWE roster.