Austin Moorhead deemed me the Gaston of the group. So whats more Gastonian then bullying someone off their beat and doing it my self. Here are the Top 10 Disney Villains of all Time.

10) Horned King – The Black Cauldron

Google it the dude is scary AF.

09) Jafar – Aladin

Jafar can turn into A F*CKIN SNAKE… He also has like mind control powers with the staff, and his sidekick is the king of one liners.

08) Cruella de Vil – 101 Dalmatians

Talk about off your rocker. The fur hungry, alcoholic, chainsmoker of the list has no chill mode.

07) Scar – The Lion King

Scar was a king alright, king of lies. He basically held an empire based on a lie for over a decade.

06) Gaston – Beauty and the Beast

Roid rage at its finest. The hulking man way always down for a scrap and was a huge womanizer. If 2019 had a villian it would be Gaston.

05) Professor Ratigan – The Great Mouse Detective

One of the lesser known Disney cartoon movies. Professor Ratigan was simply physically superior to Basil. Their epic fight scene inside the clock tower stained my nightmares for years.

04) Amos Slade – Fox and the Hound

Abusive, cruel to animals, and seemingly had rabies? This guy was the true definition of terrifying. His cruelty to the two creatures and his blood lust for the fox always made me feel really uncomfortable as a kid. Of course growing up in Butler County there were a lot more Amos then there were not.

03) Shere Khan – Jungle Book

The killer hidden in the tall grass. Shere Khan showed his whit by playing the political game. Matched with superior speed and strength he could have and maybe should have killed Mogli.

02) Ursula – Little Mermaid

She basically hates everything and everyone. Maybe I sympathise with Ursula, Eff the Skinny Bitches with their pretty voices.

01) Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty

She turns into a F*CKIN DRAGON!