I have always wanted to do this. Disney was a big part of my childhood and still adult life and honestly my favorite aspects besides the musical numbers were the villains themselves. Each one seemed to carry the plot of dark and shady while being extremely entertaining for the audience. So I thought why not compare our own bloggers to some of this dastardly deviants. Without further ado, let’s get evil.





Shere Khan


Shere Khan is the villain I have chosen for Smalls and for good reason. Though Khan is powerful in his own right the real scary part about this is his dialogue. Compared to Hannibal lector in his mannerisms Khan’s words are far more dangerous than anything which is what Smalls does in his explanations of his work. He’ll literally explain his way out of any uncomfortable situation that is brought to him and if need be put his foot forward if his words aren’t doing it justice.




Peter M. Krafcik

Captain Hook


Being that my last article gave Peter the nickname of The Mayor I thought that giving him an obsessive and power hungry pirate should do the trick. Eager to claim what is his and letting nothing stand in his way are the scary parts about Hook as he will go above and beyond to get what he wants. Plus how ironic is it that Peter gets Hook and Hook was trying to kill Peter Pan. Absolutely hilarious in my own mind which is why this sticks. On to the next one.




Greg Macafee

Shan Yu


When it comes to Greg he has a certain fixation of putting people through tables in honor of the Bills Mafia. That’s pretty hardcore. When it comes to hardcore with Disney villains you can’t go without talking of Mulan’s Shan Yu. Murderous and devious in his own right Shan Yu is an excellent strategist and an extreme threat. He never goes into a situation without coming up with a plan that involves calculating and deadly methods. Greg’s extreme personality and love for crazy antics gets him the pick here.




Andre Frye

Dr. Facilier


Dr. Facilier isn’t very intimidating based on physical characteristics but he has his words and dark magic. Dre uses his words to back up any argument that is presented to him and can basically talk his way out of any situation just like Facilier. The magic comes in as Dre brings us work and words that seems somewhat unnatural even, but it always pays off in the end. I think this comparison matches very well with Andre Frye just as long as he can keep his friends on the other side happy. Plus I can see Facilier drinking a White Claw or two.




Ben Fiore



Syndrome is by far one of the funniest and most uniquely devised villains that Disney has come up with in a long time. Ben’s crazy personality, wit and humor are exactly what make him a perfect comparison to this villain. Ben has done work for us that none of us could have possibly imagined which means his dedication to his craft is remarkable. The same can be said for Syndrome as he is constantly making new creations and modifications to kill off heroes to remain the only one standing. Overall, very good pick for Ben.




Greg Malek



Greg’s personality drives me to select Jafar as his Disney villain comparison. His perception of the dark arts in sorcery and his cunning intelligence make Jafar a powerful threat indeed. Greg being kind of a mastermind in the blog can understand why being intelligent and crafty can get you into good territory or even hot water. Having too much power can be a bad thing if you don’t know how to use it. That being said the comparison in my mind is spot on.




Austin Moorhead



Hades, lord of the Underworld is a hot head with a big personality and ego. I can say this about myself since I am writing the damn thing. The Rank King fits well with this Disney villain for a couple of reasons. He is a master strategist who always seems to have one trick up his sleeve every time you see him whether it is his words or actions. Hades like Austin has a bit of a temper that can spout off at any given moment if something goes wrong. He is a big thorn in the side of both Hercules and Zeus given his lust for power and recognition. Overall I see this fitting very nicely.




Derrik Whiten



Scar in my mind is a natural leader. The same can be said about Derrik. Though Scar’s approach is a bit more blood thirsty and wicked, they both rose to power and took it by the horns. Scar is a natural talker whose words are precise and piercing to the heart of its listeners. It’s like when Derrik tells us to continue to write articles all the time when we don’t. He is powerful in his own right and one of the best known Disney villains to date with his physical appearance and malice tongue. Let it be known to never cross him. This basically was an easy comparison for me to pick out. On to the next.




Josh Elsass



Gaston; the villain in Beauty and the Beast is who I have chosen for Josh Elsass. Gaston like other villains mentioned has a way with his words and appearance. His ego and personality is what essentially makes this character so enjoyable to watch in this movie. Elsass has the same qualities. The guy writes very well and loves to “flex” his way all over the place with his brain and physical appearance especially when he buys new Chubbies shorts. Overall, I think these two match up very well.




Mike Geiselhart

Judge Claude Frollo


When it comes to being “politically” correct you can’t go wrong with comparing Mike with Claude Frollo. Mike is stern and tries to do what is best and that is exactly what Claude Frollo believes he is doing. The politics are basically what drove me to choose this character for Mike and he writes when he feels like it which is fine since it compares to the attitude of Frollo quite a bit.




Ryan Vojtash

Henry J. Waternoose


Okay we can assume that the physical characteristics of Henry J. Waternoose do not apply to our resident designer of our merchandise Ryan Vojtash. However, Waternoose was a creator and a designer in his own right. He built Monsters Inc. from the ground up and ran with it and created a world where monsters scared kids and it powered the city. Vojtash’s designs are what makes our brand unique and thriving while showing everyone that Thoughts From The Bench is the real deal. Of course he didn’t go all the way under by trying to sacrifice children to keep his company alive…




Johnny Violence



Johnny Violence is a man of rough exterior and sharp tongue which is exactly why Ratigan the Rat is the perfect villain choice to represent him. Now you might be thinking well are you calling Johnny a rat?? No sir I am not. Johnny is a rough and tough sharp minded individual and lets nothing stand in his way of achieving victory over his competitors and to be the best. Ratigan is very similar as he looks to thwart his arch rival Basil; The Great Mouse Detective and become supreme ruler over all of mice and rats alike. Power hungry and deviant are the main ties between these two.




Tom Bruno



Clayton is the main villain of the Disney film Tarzan my comparison to one of our newest writers; Bruno. I’ve known Tom for years and one thing I can tell you about him is his competitive nature. Clayton shows similar characteristics as he tries to get his name out in the world by discovering the Gorillas and being paid money for them. Clayton is a true hunter of the sport just as Bruno is with his writing of soccer articles. You can tell the man knows what he is talking about because of his knowledge and experience with the sport. While his intentions might not be as malicious as Clayton’s, Bruno looks to defy his name in glory and will keep writing to salvage that very goal.




Michael Brookhart



You have to be a big Disney fan if you’ve ever heard of this big bad. Chernabog is the central villain in Disney’s Fantasia. He calls upon his many demon minions to strike fear and horror into the eyes of beloved characters and fans alike. So why does this compare to Michael you may ask? Well over reading the course of his articles Michael has proven to be a producer of some of the best content we have had lately on Thoughts From The Bench. That isn’t a slam against our other writers, but Michael has shown he can play with the big boys of the brand and for that he deserves a villain just as powerful and menacing as prepares to write another worthy article to rip the breath right out of the lungs and stop hearts with his skillful writing.







I know I have probably met Marty in the past, but for some reason I can seem to put a name to a face. Sorry bud. No hard feelings since I don’t have the greatest memory. Therefore, mystery surrounds this person so I choose probably the greatest swerve Disney has pulled in a long time and give him Hans from Frozen. No one saw this coming at all as he seemed like a true companion for Anna. They finish each others’ sentences, have a lot in common and seem to actually be perfect for one another. It is not revealed until the end of the movie where Hans’s mask comes off and we see him for the devilish figure he really is. Disney fans everywhere were shocked and heartbroken to find that this character was not all who he appeared to be. I am sure Marty is a great guy and hopefully I’ll remember him if I see him again, but for now this was what I gave him.