Holy mother of God, I really wish this story was true and not just a fake tweet.

Yesterday, the Twitter account @cfbquotes posted this tweet regarding the Michigan quarterback’s apparent misstep of not logging out of his burner account.

What a development this would be. Jimmy Boy has been under fire for a few seasons now for not being creative in his playcalling up in Ann Arbor. Justin Fields has an absurd amount of hype heading into the 2019 season after transferring from Georgia to the Buckeyes. If Patterson actually does have a burner account and just forgot to sign in before launching this tweet, it’d be amazing. I’ve made it pretty clear that I despise the Wolverines and think they’re the snobbiest group of fans in college football, especially because they can’t win the big one against Ohio State despite calling themselves an elite program. They cannot back up their claims and haven’t been able to for a long time. So seeing this apparent chaos up in Michigan would have made me the happiest man on earth. I mean, if they had a Kevin Durant burner account situation, I’d call it quits forever. It’d be my peak.

Unfortunately, it looks like this tweet was fake.

“The tweet isn’t real, though. At least, we don’t believe it’s real.

This account has made up quotes before as “jokes,” most notably a “quote” from Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal.

The quote, a shot at Auburn, went viral on social media, with sites writing it up as bulletin board material. However, the account went on to admit that it was all made up.”

The Spun

Damn. Oh how I wanted this to be true.

I guess we’ll just have to let the Wolverines’ inevitable offensive blunders in November be the actual cause of the team’s collapse, just as tradition dictates. I realize that Josh Gattis will be calling the plays instead of Harbaugh this season, and I am a Josh Gattis fan actually. He did a fantastic job with his time in Happy Valley. But come on, it’s Michigan.

Thanks for tuning into “This Week in Transfer Quarterbacks”. Tune in next week where we’ll find out whether or not Tate Martell’s dad is actually going back to college to join a frat!