G1 Climax Round One Results

The first round of the G1 Climax was this week in Dallas. Of course the Wrestling League had their fingers all over it as the beginning of our own G1 Climax began. Each member of the league was randomly assigned a wrestler from each block of the Climax.

Every win the wrestler gets in the tournament earns the league member five points. If there’s a time limit draw each member will be awarded two points. If your wrestler qualifies for the final you get ten points. If your wrestler wins and gets a chance at the IWGP HeavyWeight Champion you get 20 points.

This weekends event garnered some interesting results as most of the favorites did not get a win with the exception of Okada. The following is how the points stacked up after round one.

The Actual Matchups went something like this.

Okada defeated Tanahashi – Pretty predictable that the current champion would look strong in his first match.

Ibushi vs KENTA – A really big thing for KENTA to get a win his first time ever in the G1.

Ospreay vs Archer – Maybe the biggest upset of the evening. As Lance Archer defeats the Ariel Assassin.

Evil vs Fale – The founding member of the Bullet Club Bad Luck Fale picks up a big win.

Sanada vs Zac Sabre Jr. – Last years New Japan Cup winner was off to a rough start as ZBJ lost to Sanada.

Generally everyone score points at some point in the tournament. So this is bound to happen. But for guys like ZSJ and Will Osprey they will need all the points they can get before they run into the buzz saw of KENTA or Okada.

Tomorrow we will release the video of the picks for the B-Block and with lucky league member got Yano, and which less lucky league member got Jon Moxley


Written by elsass77

Video Producer for Thoughts From The Bench

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