The first public Pay Per View for the Wrestling League will be shrouded in controversy due to a ruling from the Commissioner. More on that later.

The League’s first open call for entry’s was pretty good with for TFTB fans taking part. Former Thoughts From The Bench YouTube personality Jon Fisher chief among them.

In earnest I invited Jon to fill out a sheet. One because I wanted to prove my superiority to the member of the Associated Press. But two as an olive branch attempting to bring Jon back to the light. To hopefully pull him away from the evil Brad Shepard and their wildly successful podcast Oh You Didn’t Know Wrestling.

The results were as expected.

Only one fan finished above members of the league. Sitting in fifth in the over all pool. Well that is with the exception of Rank King Austin Moorhead who was bested by his brother Keaton.

The league its self was only separated by roughly twenty points. The group played out as follows.

1) Ryan Thompson

2) Justin Reidenbaugh

3) Greg Malek

4) Josh Conroy

5) TFTB Fan – Jason “PoLgo” Gross

6) Josh Elsass

7) Anastasia Lanz

8) Kaeli Hood

9) Greg Scelp

10) TFTB Fan Keaton Moorhead

11) Jon Fisher

12) Austin Moorhead

For most of the night Justin Reidenbaugh was in the lead with Josh Conroy on his heels. Until miraculously The Commissioner Ryan Thompson won the night after all points were tallied.

He was down by roughly 15 points headed into the Main Event. He claims through “extra circulars” he managed to make up the necessary ground. Things like unscheduled appearances, and which announce table is broken was enough to over take the then leader Justin.

An investigation in the matter is being conducted by well The Commissioner. Unfortunately this is the way the league was set up. Thoughts From The Bench President and CEO Derrik believe that Ryan was a trusty worthy and intelligent candidate for commissioner. Only time will tell if Ryan ran into a tough situation or if he is more Vince McMahon that he leads on.

The wrestling League is back in action this weekend with two Pay Per Views on Saturday. Stay tuned to the Thoughts From The Bench Instagram Story for updates.