Beyond the Arc

by Ben Fiore


Last night, Kevin Durant showed a lot of heart, grit and integrity.  He had a preexisting Achilles injury which sidelined him for the first four games of the NBA finals. He tried to return last night, re-triggered the injury, and left game 5 in the 2nd quarter. As he was getting taken off the court, the Toronto fans cheered as he left.  To me this is a very trashy move.  To me, unless that player was openly disrespectful to your crowd, there is no reason to act like that.

This kind of piggy back’s on my article about fan altercations with players and the court side seat debacle.  Now I see that it’s more than that, it’s just about general respect and knowing your place as a fan.  In all sports, we as fans should be cheering for the right reasons.  We tend to forget that these professional athletes are just regular people who get paid to do what we wish we were doing because they are way better at it.  Cheering that someone gets hurt is uncalled for.  Booing someone in warm ups is competitive sportsmanship but cheering for injuries is classless.  That also is a bad look on your city.  I never want to bring disgrace to mine, so I don’t do that.

DeMarcus Cousins stated after the game last night that athletes “don’t get treated like humans”.  That might be a bit far but it is a solid point.  Just because they are rich and famous, doesn’t mean they should have ill will wished against them.  We have a basic moral compass of what’s right and wrong, so just use it.  Be mindful.  Keep it classy, fellow fans.