If you haven’t checked out Benny Bucket’s recent article about this type of stuff “potentially” coming to light, please do that first. I’m not saying were psychic, but we’re pretty dope.

Last night, Kyle Lowry jumped into the court side seating to try and save a lose ball, only to be shoved and said “vulgar phrases” to by a fan, who was later kicked out of the arena.

Again, I reiterate – what’s it going to take for the NBA to realize that in today’s day, “fans” are over privileged and assume they are part of the game. Court side seating is a revenue source for many arenas, and I get that, but this doesn’t happen in other sports the way its been happening this year in the NBA. This is not equivilent to a streaker, this is it’s own entity.

With the rise of items such as oculus rift court side seating and the comfort of home almost beating the adventure to the stadium, it’s hard to imagine a future where stadium sell outs remain a consistent thing. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like going to a stadium and watching your favorite team play live, and I get that. But between terrorist threats, attacks, interruptions by fans and of course the Malice at the Palace (please watch if you’ve never seen) , the future seems to be heading to your couch sooner than later.

I get it. No one wants to lose their right to see their favorite team win a game live and in person. I still remember watching Kobe play live 5 times, and the fact that I can tell my kids about it is amazing. But fans have become too comfortable with their rights. You haven’t spent your entire life preparing to be in the NBA, you spent 5% of one of your paychecks to go watch these star athletes perform. Shut up, sit down, stop touching players, and SOMEONE BRING BACK THE GOD DANG FOAM FINGER.