The Relationship with New Japan.

AEW’s newest signing began his tour of the indies in New Japan on Tuesday. The result was Moxley defeating Juice Robinson for the United State Title. This was the first AEW character to appear in New Japan. We understand that there is an agreement in place between the two companies to allow Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega to travel between the two companies.

However with the emergence of Moxley it seems that the bridge is wider than just Jericho and Omega. Could this relationship grow into a relationship like what NJPW has with Ring Of Honor. Where characters fluidly appear for both promotions? One can only hope. Visions of Moxley vs Niato, Okada, and Switchblade are to tatsey to pass up. Not to mention the undercards doing battle with the like of Will Ospreay, Zac Saber Jr, and Ibushi. But the perfect fight for me lies in a triple treat between Pentagon, Jimmy Havoc, and Minoru Suzuki.

No matter what this feels like a great first step.

Moxley New Look.

Moxley’s entrance was some weird blend of his indie personality mixed with his WWE past. Coming through the crowd with a water bottle spitting and grandstanding. His attire was new, wearing all black fighter trunks with two gold barb wire rings on the left leg, knee pads and amature wrestling shoes. His attire felt like a head nod to Minoru Suzuki. It gave Moxley a fresh look that was heavily needed.

Moxley New Finisher.

When it came time for Moxley to end the match he hit the traditional double arm DDT (aka Dirty Deeds). It wasn’t enough to beat Juice so he pulled the Champ to his feet and hit him with the Deathrider. The move looks like a double armed brainbuster. It looks devastating, no one really has anything similar to this right now. In fact the last person I can recall using something like it was Prince Devitt. Most importantly it’s an indie appropriate finnisher which was needed. Especially if he intended to wrestle the majority of his matches with te hardcore style he displayed.

The Match.

The story line was based on their time in together in FCW. The guy who couldn’t cut it vs the guy who had it all.

This match also gave Juice a chance to reimagine himself. Shedding his signature locks and showing his ability to get dirty with Moxley. As the early stages of the fight happened outside the ring. Once they did return to the ring Juice was busted open and the match resembled nothing of actual wrestling match.

The match felt very similar to Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho last year. The pace was good and allowed Moxley to work as a true heel, brutalising the fan favorite Juice. Some of the things Moxley did to Juice in the match made you think of Suzuki. Parts of the match were definitely close to Hardcore. Other parts of the match weren’t necessary brutal but instead a complete disrespect for his opponent. This style should prove to be Moxley’s signature style. Not necessary high risk or overlay brutal but instead an overwhelming ass kicking.

Jon Moxley is now a huge deal.

Jon Moxley’s first match post WWE was in New Japan the same place Cody went to prove his worth. Winning a title that was held first by Kenny Omega and the Cody. The symbolism was not lost on anyone. As if AEW’s newest signing didn’t feel like a big enough deal after his run in at Double Or Nothing he does now.