Folks, a historical move could be in the making.

If you ask most sports fans and video game players alike what the best sports game franchise of all time would be, you’d probably get mixed results. However, if you were to ask them about the EA Sports NCAA Football franchise, I’d have a hard time believing the overall response would be negative. That’s because the video game series was one of the most fun to play, hands down.

Unfortunately, EA Sports has shut down the franchise since releasing NCAA Football 14 due to the controversial nature of collegiate athletes not getting paid for their likeness and what not. And it has always seemed like they wouldn’t touch the idea of a reboot with a ten-foot pole.


Full disclosure, I’m not an avid gamer. I understand the appeal, but I’ve never really had the discipline to sit down hours at a time and try to master a game. The only games I’ve really become decent at over the years have been FIFA, Madden, and Assassins Creed 2, and even those are iffy if I’m being honest. But you wanna know something? I’d play the living s**t out of a new college football game. Who wouldn’t? In what world would a person not want sit down in front of a TV and take a team like Oregon State to a national championship (because we all know that would never happen)? It’s one of the great games of our generation, and it’s tragic that it ended when it did.


Apparently, there’s a company out there right now that has greenlit the production of a new college football game:

IMackulate Vision Gaming has announced its upcoming title, “Gridiron Champions,” is now slated for a release in 2020, although a more specific date has not been confirmed. 

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Now, there is a slight catch, but nothing that can’t be dealt with:

The game will avoid the legal loopholes that come with licensing college football school logos and conference tie-ins that have led to legal battles for EA Sports with its licensed NCAA Football game by having 126 fictional teams. However, gamers will have the option of customizing their teams in the game, allowing for the option to recreate official teams right down to the player names.

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IMackulate Vision Gaming: true American heroes.

There’s also one more bonus:

The new attempt at a college football game will have some new features as well, including a customizable playoff format that allows for a 16-team playoff field.

An option for a 16-team playoff? How aren’t these guys running the NCAA already?

While the game most likely won’t be perfect (at least not at first), there’s also another light at the end of the tunnel:

That’s right. It’s actually not completely out of the realm of possibility that the NCAA licenses a video game once they start letting players make money off of their likeness. Now that their views are shifting, this dream could become a reality. And holy s**t am I excited.

I’d be even more excited if they brought back the ability to play as the mascots. That’s the ACTUAL dream.