5 Things WWE Should Learn From The MCU


05 – New Characters and Old Characters can Co-Existed

Avengers Infinity Wars proved one thing there is enough room for everyone. With the newest characters in the MCU teaming up with the fan favorites we got a refresh to the group. It allowed for new partnerships, and amazing dialog between characters. Imagine the fun team ups you could have between Velveteen Dream and John Cena. Or the bad guy team ups like Orton and Champa. The WWE to often feels the need to bury young talent to maintain the prestige of old talent. When there is room for both.

04 – Bad Guys can be Good Guys

Michael B Jordan’s Killmonger was maybe the deepest character to appear in one movie in the MCU. He wanted equality he wanted things to be fair. Unfortunately he went about it all the wrong way. See The New Daniel Bryan, everything he is preaching is technically correct. We hate him for it, but he is right. Thanos is another character who at his core is trying to do better by the universe. By creating a universe with less people resource won’t be depleted. There would be room for everyone. And for those who are left they would be happy to be alive. Imagine if they gave these ideals to a character like Bray Wyatt. Oh wait they did then pissed it all away. Basically all I am saying is let your bad guys stick to their guns, it will help the story.

03 – Wins and Loses Matter

After Thanos snapped away half of the universe we felt the hole that was left. One because a lot of our favorite characters died. Two our team lost. The people we loved lost. They had never lost before, so when they did lose it was devastating. This rule can be applied to wrestling. Imagine if Seth Rollins went a year straight without losing then when the time came dropped the belt to the proverbial bad guy. His redemption story would be amazing. They toyed with it when John Cena was in limbo for Mania last year. The story was compelling it gave a new wrinkle to Big Match John that we had never seen before. The rule applies the other way. The reason we loved seeing Seth beat Lesnar this year at Mania was because he doesn’t lose. It would have been better if he had shown up once in a while but the effect was still felt. This is one of the biggest on going complaints about WWE and it’s a simple fix.

02 – Let The Hero’s Win

When Tony Stark uttered those infamous word, “I am Iron Man” and snapped Thanos into oblivion there was not a dry eye in the house. Because after everything they had been through they finally overcame. They finally won. Daniel Bryan at Mania 30, Koffi at 35. These moments live on in infamy. More often than not WWE never gives us those moments. Had it not been for an untimely injury who knows if Johnny Gargano would have ever become NXT Champion. Its ok to give us what we want. When you do we are happy. Rarely does anyone ever get what they want and when they get it are they mad.

01 – Long Form Storytelling Works

End Game served at the final chapter of the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It took us ten years from the first Iron Man till End Game. Over that time we learned to love these characters deeply, so that when things happened to them they felt like they happened to us. WWE ociasoully has stumbled into these scenarios. However they rarely set them up. The Marvel universe proved we can wait for something as long as in the end we get what we want. The good guy wins, the bad guy is vanquished and for a moment there is peace. The WWE often sacrifices these long form based stories for short rewards. If they would give it a beat they could genuinely create some amazing moments. For example why wasn’t it John Cena who retired Kurt Angle? In that moment you had the perfect end to an arc for one character and a perfect mid way point for another. IF the WWE acts fast they can capitalize on this scenario with The Miz and Daniel Bryan.

Let’s hope the WWE can learn these lessons soon. Let hope things change. Because right with the exit of Dean Ambrose and Sasha Banks the WWE is truly headed towards a period in which they have not been for a long time. Uncertainty and a legitimate threat to their seat as the top brand in Wrestling.

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