High School Baseball field wet, Coach sets fire to dry it out

We’ve all had our rough times with athletics growing up. Sometimes it’s forgetting thew water bottles on the bus and the coach reeeeeems you out. Other times, it’s something as simple as a wardrobe malfunction or a field issue.

I’m serious…..it can happen to anyone….let’s be clear about that part.

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*Record Scratch* “Yeah, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got here…” That was my worst athletic moment, and I share because I really want to stress that this can happen to anyone.

But this incident….this really can only happen to just the dumbest of people. On Monday, April 8th, a baseball field in Ridgefield, Connecticut was just in unbearable conditions that they couldn’t imagine players play in.

The field……was WET. That was it. The field was a little wet, so this bum town in Connecticut said we have a simple solution for this…..what kills water?

THEY LIT THE ENTIRE FIELD ON FIRE!!! I really have to ask, who’s in charge up there? Who thought “Ok, let’s just pour gasoline over the water and burn the water off”?!?! Personally I enjoy two hypothetical situations from this story. One on side, I really want to know the parents who rallied around this guy. Which one of the PARENTS OF CHILDREN said “LIGHT THAT BITCH UP RANDY I HAVE TO GET HOME BEFORE THE BEST RAW EPISODE OF THE YEAR”?

On the other hand, how excited was the guy who actually saw his idea come to life? I picture him as a downtrodden man who goes to town hall meetings every week to pitch his insane ideas and BOOM…..one day, Jerry got his wish.

On a real note, just play on a wet field you bunch of pansies. Have we gotten this soft as a culture that we are willing to START A FIRE instead of playing on a damp field? Sheeeesh.

Fires are dope and all, but if we’re concerned about little Timmy playing on a bad field, we got some bigger issues here guys.

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