Ladies and gentlemen… it’s that time of the year again.

Inject this song into my veins.

Normally, I stick to college football when writing for this site. While it’s my main focus, golf is another favorite of mine. I’ve worked at golf courses for years, and I’ve always been around the game. There’s nothing quite like hitting your 7 a.m. tee time, taking a deep breath experience the dew on the freshly mowed fairway, and getting a little too gazebo’d with that beer you picked up for the rest of the foursome. While I’m probably considered a casual fan on the golf spectrum, I still love the game and get WAY too into the majors (Masters, US Open, Open Championship, PGA Championship) each year.

With that being said, the Masters is one of my favorite sporting events to watch year in and year out. I have yet to hear any other Bencher claim to be the resident “golf guy”, so I’m gonna do my best to give you a in-depth common man’s analysis on who to watch out for starting this Thursday.

Rickie Fowler (Odds: 18/1)

Ranked as the #9 golfer in world, Fowler is coming into this year’s Masters trying to get over the hump to finally win a major. Last year, he came in second only because he just couldn’t keep up with everybody’s vote for “Most Hateable Face”, Patrick Reed. Fowler had a great run, but ultimately couldn’t make a big enough jump on Sunday. Rickie’s been one of my favorites for years (probably because I’m a millennial) and I would absolutely love for him to put it all together and get his first major. Even if he doesn’t, I’ll still enjoy watching his sexy swing on the tee.

Rory McIlroy (Odds: 7/1)

The #3 ranked golfer seems to be everyone’s favorite to win in Augusta this year. He hasn’t finished outside the Top 10 so far in 2019 (including a win at the Players Championship), so it looks like he won’t be slowing down anytime soon. He also loves playing in Augusta, seeing that he has five straight Top-10 Masters finishes. However, it always seems like the golfer with the highest winning odds is never the one who actually wins. I’d be completely fine with that since Rory is one of my least favorite in today’s game. We get it dude, you’re jacked. No need to wear those tight-a** polos, my guy. You look like a seventh grader wearing an American Eagle polo that he got three years ago. Get over yourself. With that being said, if he somehow brings the same intensity as his 2016 Ryder Cup match against Patty Reed, I wouldn’t be mad. We’d be in for a show.

Dustin Johnson (Odds: 9/1)

DJ is one of my favorite golfers for a few reasons. First, he’s a big swinger and absolutely blasts the ball off the tee. Second, he is engaged to the daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, Paulina Gretzky. Just hit the link and you’ll understand. Any man that’s engaged to Paulina is A-okay in my book. Johnson was absolutely on fire in 2017, but has been battling injuries since. However, it’s looking like he’s getting back to his 2017 form, which should scare the rest of the golf world. With that being said, he still only has one major to his name, which means he’ll also be another player looking to get rid of the “underachiever” tagline. I’ll be rooting hard for DJ, and you should too. Because when Paulina smiles, we all smile.

Tiger Woods (Odds: 14/1)

Golf is more fun with Tiger back in the mix. That’s an undeniable fact. He needs to win a major again, plain and simple. Luckily, it looks like he’s truly back and ready to compete. That’s all.

Tommy Fleetwood (Odds: 25/1)

This is the guy I’ve grown to be quite fond of over the past year or so. His gorgeous flow and beard were the things that first caught my eye. I thought to myself, “This dude looks like Woodstock on a golf course.” But his play isn’t much worse than his flow. Fleetwood is playing VERY well right now, finishing in the Top-5 in his last two competitions. He seems to just be waiting for his breakthrough, and when it happens, I’m ALL in. I wouldn’t complain if this was the weekend Fleetwood’s reign actually begins.

Everyone else not named Tiger Woods (Odds: I don’t care)

Tiger needs to win. I don’t need to see another boring win from Sergio Garcia or Justin Thomas. I could care less about Jon Rahm or Matt Kuchar making a run on Sunday. Brooks Koepka is cool and all, but he’s just not THAT great. Beef Johnson is tragically not in the competition this year. And finally, I would hate to see golf’s resident nerd Bryson Dechambeau place anywhere above tenth.

The fans need Tiger. Golf needs Tiger. You need Tiger. I need Tiger. You get the point.

So Happy Master’s, folks. It’s one of the best weekends of the year, and I’m beyond excited for Sunday (especially since the final round is rolling right into the GoT premiere). No Sunday scaries here.