The NCAA Mens Basketball Championship Game (Scandal City for short) came to a close last night with arguably the scariest start ever to a championship game. We really were abpout to have a 35-34 title game and that would have been almost as boring as this years Super Bowl. “BuT THeY BoTH PlAY DefEnSe” No. Defense is boring and shut up. You don’t even like defensive games, you just want me to be wrong so stop.

I’d also like to add that on the Draft Day podcast Benny Buckets said “Virginia looks good this year” is a cliche…lol

Let’s take a look at how well Virginia did last year before we start praising them for this win.

Not a lot of defense there. In their defense, a ton of injuries and a talented UMBC squad were just the perfect formula for destruction.

Personally, I think there’s a lot to be said about both sides of last year’s record shattering 1 v 16 game. Virginia has had it’s rough patches, as said by Colin Cowherd on his show last year. The main part of the rant is that Ralph Samson’s Virginia lost to an NAIA (S/O POINT PARK) team.

On a real note, it just had to be Virginia. There was no other way around it this year. This years NCAA March Madness Championship game was….almost unsatisfying until late in the second half. Texas tech was fun though, I’ll give them that. And in all seriousness, how do you root against this?

Damn I wanted texas Tech to win. Can you IMAGINE the videos coming out of that college banging Old Town Road? Cause it sounds like Heaven to me.

Virginia 85 – Texas Tech 77. It just feels like I was cheated out of the meat in my burger not having Zion in the finals. I’m not salty, you’re salty. f