10 WrestleMania Predictions

The WrestleMania card is set. Well we think it is. So here are ten predictions that will definitely maybe happen at WrestleMania 35.

#10 – D-Generation X Interference.


Yes they did this plot line already, but with DX going into the Hall of Fame this year it is a guarantee they make a run in. Shawn Michaels, Jesse James, Bully Gun, and X-Pac will be head to toe in green and black and dishing out crotch chops and glow stick like it’s 1999.


The only question is who, will help Big Dave overcome the odds?

#09 – Rey Mysterio Wins US Title


The future Hall of Famer has been back in the WWE for a few months. He had a great feud with Andrade now it’s time for some hardware. I think the ultimate goal will be for him to return to a program with Andrade in the future, and have Andrade defeat him for his first title on the Main Roster.

#08 – Baron Corbin is not Kurt Angle’s Opponent


This seems like a no brainer. No one likes Baron Corbin accept me so for him to retire the Olympic Champion is dumb. One would imagine Vince will interrupt the match somehow and introduce the sixteen time champion John Cena as Kurt’s new opponent. This is truly the most fitting way to retire Angle. Cena is the one who inducted him into the Hall Of Fame. Kurt was Cena’s first opponent on the Main Roster. Cena vs Angle will give us the tear jerking torch passing “I Love You” feel that we had for Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair.

#07 – The Mean Street Posse


Shane-O-Mac is gonna be in the fight of his life. As The A-Lister is defending his father’s honor. This match is a falls count anywhere match so the entire stadium is their playground. WrestleMania is also in New York this year. Wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to find Pete Gas and the gang in the crowd as backup for Shane if things go sideways.


#06 – NXT Women Shine in Royal


Assuming Shayna Baszler drops the NXT Women’s Title on Friday one could assume she will debut in the Women’s Battle Royal. However I don’t think she will be alone. I see a scenario where The Queen of Spades runs rough shot over the Royal with Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke at her side. The three of them will most likely be involved in some way in the Main Event so to introduce them earlier on the show would be good storytelling. Having them in a long form match would give the announcers time to tell their back story and put them over as three of the baddest women on the planet.

#05 – Kevin Owens


The Prize Fighter is suspicious by his absents. He has not been horseshoes into any of the matches as of yet. However we know he is aligned once again with the authority as he was Vince’s hand picked guy to replace Kofi. So where will KO appear on the show. Well it’s a guarantee that Balor wins the IC Title. So who would he possibly being feuding with next? How about a rehash of one of NXT’s greatest rivalries. I predict KO makes a run in at some point during the IC Title match ruining the celebration of The Demons first WrestleMania.


#04 – Randy Orton’s Farewell Match


It’s no secret The Viper has been linked with AEW for months. He seems bored and uninterested in his role in WWE. With the stacked development system it’s hard to image Orton’s role getting anything but smaller. His opponent has just signed a new contract with the wrestling giant so it’s hard to imagine him losing. So it wouldn’t surprise me to see an emotional Orton left alone in the ring post match to say his farewells.

#03 – Kofi Wins the WWE Championship


The fans are white hot for the elder statesmen of The New Day. The support is starting to build to Daniel Bryan/Beck Lynch levels. Putting the strap on Kofi would make a lot of sense for a few reasons. One that frees up Daniel Bryan to move to RAW.

It also would be a great end cap to an outstanding career for Kofi. But the thing it does more then anything is set up jealousy inside The New Day. The most dominant Tag Team of the past five years has always claimed no matter what title they hold it is held in Freebird Rules. However they have never had a single title. The WWE Championship could be the perfect thing to drive the wedge between one of the most popular factions ever.

#02 – The Shield Reunite To Slay The Beast


It is possibly the last WrestleMania for the Lunatic Fringe. The Big Dog is just getting back from defeating Leukemia, and their running mate Seth Rollins is in the fight of his life. WWE has used these three as top guys for the better part of five years. However the future for these three is unclear. So if this is our last chance to see all three of them together in the ring you have to imagine they the WWE will have to give it to us.

Also this is a good way for them to still make Brock look strong. While transitioning the belt to The Architect.

#01 – Charlotte Turns Face


This match has been building as three people who really hate each other. However it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Becky and Charlotte don’t team up to subdue Ronda. The one time best friends have a lot to lose and as the “fake wrestlers” they have to bury Ronda.

Also there is a rumor circulating that this match will set up next year’s WrestleMania Main Event. Which everyone knows is the Battle of The Four Horse Women. So for that to be the case Charlotte and Becky need to align causing Ronda’s posse to come to her aid.

The run in of the former MMA Stars triggers a response from Bayley and Sasha. Leaving the WWE’s Four Horse Women standing tall at the end of Mania. As they all hold their belts to the sky.


So there they are ten predictions that will definitely maybe happen at WrestleMania 35. Some of them were outlandish. Some of them were possible, and all of them came from my sick twisted mind. I hope you enjoyed it, and make sure to follow along with the entire Thoughts From The Bench Wrestling crew this weekend on the Instagram Story. As we will be doing match reaction starting with NXT TakeOver and ending with WrestleMania.

See yinz at the ring!

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