My fellow colleague Michael Geiselhart wrote an article a while back called The Most Athletic Presidents. It intrigued me to the point where since I am going to be a history teacher one day, I thought it would be a fun idea to incorporate the U.S. Presidency into a March Madness Bracket. The bracket I have used for this spreads the numbers out differently for every section. Most of you also know that we have 45 U.S. presidents. Each president’s number will represent where they fall on this bracket. For example, George Washington was the first president so he would be where the one is on the bracket. It would have been weird to do that so I only used one of Grover Cleveland’s presidencies. The one I used was the 22nd. So each President after that will be jumped back a number. These results aren’t based on one single category. They are based on performance, personality, etc. This was a fun little thing to do so let’s not get too political into this and realize the masterpiece in front of your eyes. Just to make sure you guys know which number belongs with which president I have made a list for you almost like a cheat sheet;

1st George Washington
2nd John Adams
3rd Thomas Jefferson
4th James Madison
5th James Monroe
6th John Quincy Adams
7th Andrew Jackson
8th Martin Van Buren
9th William Henry Harrison
10th John Tyler
11th James K. Polk
12th Zachary Taylor
13th Millard Fillmore
14th Franklin Pierce
15th James Buchanan
16th Abraham Lincoln
17th Andrew Johnson
18th Ulysses S. Grant
19th Rutherford B. Hayes
20th James A. Garfield
21st Chester A. Arthur
22nd Grover Cleveland
23rd Benjamin Harrison
24th William McKinley
25th Theodore Roosevelt
26th William H. Taft
27th Woodrow Wilson
28th Warren G. Harding
29th Calvin Coolidge
30th Herbert Hoover
31st Franklin D. Roosevelt
32nd Harry Truman
33rd Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th John F. Kennedy
35th Lyndon B. Johnson
36th Richard Nixon
37th Gerald Ford
38th James Earl Carter
39th Ronald Reagan
40th George Bush
41st Bill Clinton
42nd George W. Bush
43rd Barack Obama
44th Donald J. Trump



Now that you have looked over the basic info I present to you my United States President Bracket.




If the graph is too difficult to read I have also provided a play by play for you all to make it a little bit easier.


Round 1

  • Truman vs Eisenhower (Eisenhower wins)
  • McKinley vs Clinton (Clinton wins)
  • Roosevelt vs Bush (Roosevelt wins)
  • Coolidge vs Nixon (Nixon wins)
  • Arthur vs Trump (Trump wins)
  • Harding vs Ford (Ford wins)
  • FDR vs JFK (FDR wins)
  • B. Harrison vs W. Bush (W. Bush wins)
  • Taft vs Reagan (Reagan wins)
  • Hoover vs LBJ (LBJ wins)
  • Cleveland vs Obama (Obama wins)
  • Wilson vs Carter (Wilson wins)


Round 2

  • Washington vs Eisenhower (Washington wins)
  • Lincoln vs Johnson (Lincoln wins)
  • Clinton vs Harrison (Clinton wins)
  • Roosevelt vs Van Buren (Roosevelt wins)
  • Madison vs Nixon (Madison wins)
  • Fillmore vs Garfield (Garfield wins)
  • Taylor vs Trump (Trump wins)
  • Ford vs Monroe (Ford wins)
  • Adams vs FDR (FDR wins)
  • Buchanan vs Grant (Grant wins)
  • Tyler vs W. Bush (W. Bush wins)
  • Reagan vs Jackson (Reagan wins)
  • Jefferson vs LBJ (Jefferson wins)
  • Pierce vs Hayes (Hayes wins)
  • Polk vs Obama (Obama wins)
  • Wilson vs Quincy Adams (Wilson wins)


Sweet Sixteen

  • Washington vs Lincoln (Lincoln wins)
  • Clinton vs Roosevelt (Roosevelt wins)
  • Madison vs Garfield (Madison wins)
  • Trump vs Ford (Trump wins)
  • FDR vs Grant (FDR wins)
  • W. Bush vs Reagan (Reagan wins)
  • Jefferson vs Hayes (Jefferson wins)
  • Obama vs Wilson (Obama wins)


Elite Eight

  • Lincoln vs Roosevelt (Lincoln wins)
  • Madison vs Trump (Madison wins)
  • FDR vs Reagan (FDR wins)
  • Jefferson vs Obama (Jefferson wins)


Final Four

  • Lincoln vs Madison (Lincoln wins)
  • FDR vs Jefferson (FDR wins)



  • Lincoln vs FDR (Lincoln wins)