The UEFA Champions League marches on, with some intriguing fixtures for Europe’s elite. But before I predict this round, lets look back on how I did in the round of 16.


Barca 5, Lyon 2; ACTUAL Barca 5, Lyon 1.

Roma 4, Porto 1; ACTUAL Porto 4, Roma 3

Manchester City 7, Schalke 2; ACTUAL Manchester City 10, Schalke 2

Atletico Madrid 2, Juventus 1; ACTUAL Juventus 3, Atletico Madrid 2

Ajax Amsterdam 5, Real Madrid 2; ACTUAL Ajax Amsterdam 5, Real Madrid 3

Tottenham 3, Dortmund 2; ACTUAL Tottenham 4, Dortmund 0

Liverpool 3, Bayern 3*; ACTUAL Liverpool 3, Bayern 1

Manchester United 4, PSG 2; ACTUAL Manchester United 3*, PSG 3

I went 5-3 in the Round of 16. Better than 50%, still failing, but better than getting none of them right! Let’s dive into the quarterfinal fixtures:

Ajax Amsterdam vs. Juventus

The Turin giants face off against Europe’s hottest team at the moment. After their historic upset of the three time defending kings of Europe Real Madrid, Ajax look poised to take down a Juventus side which has been unconvincing at times. Juventus, although having beat Atleti 3-0 in the second leg in Turin, played an Atleti side that looked like they completely forgot how to play defense the second leg. A team which is renowned for its defense was God awful when it mattered most. When the teams were set in the quarters, I said that Ajax would the team I would least like to face. And I still would now not want to face them. A hostile home field advantage and a blistering attack, Ajax have a fighting chance. If you are in that Ajax side, you have to ask yourself, “why not us? Why not now?”

Prediction: Ajax 3, Juventus 2

Porto vs Liverpool

This will not be a long paragraph on this tie. Iker Casillas needs to turn the clock back ten years if Porto even stand a chance in goal against a front three of Salah, Mane and Firmino.

Prediction: Liverpool 6, Porto 2

Tottenham vs. Manchester City

Bottlers FC vs. Bottlers FC (insert Spiderman meme here.) This is the toughest tie of the quarterfinals. Typically, Manchester City over the years have been horrible in Europe, and dominant in the league. On the other hand, Tottenham have bottled the league title away twice in three years, and haven’t progressed past the round of 16 since I was in high school a long time ago. Kane vs Aguero, Lloris vs Ederson, Eriksen vs KDB, Alli vs Bernardo Silva, this one is as tight as it gets.

Prediction: Tottenham 3, Man City 2

Barcelona vs Manchester United

Coming off of the greatest Champions League comeback of all time, Manchester United are more than in this tie. Everybody underestimated them heading into the second leg in Paris, but as everybody at United knows, “youth, courage, greatness.” Barcelona are in flying form at the moment, but the question with this same Barcelona team over the past four seasons still exists today, which Lionel Messi is going to show up? The one that will tear you apart, or the one that doesn’t look interested in playing? OLE’S AT THE WHEEL, the glory days are back for United in Europe.

Prediction: Manchester United 3, Barcelona 1