The Top Ten NFL Teams that Need to Rebuild

Rebuilding is defined as building something again after it has been damaged or destroyed. The National Football League has had many teams that were once great crumble whenever a certain coach or maybe even a player would leave. There have certainly been a lot over the years, but we are going to limit our ranking to the teams that are in desperate need of a rebuild for the 2019 season. Here we go my subjects!



#10 Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals take the last place on this ranking as they are basically already in rebuild mode. The only things keeping them reaching the official rebuild status are wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and cornerback Patrick Peterson. With news that they will be shipping Rosen and drafting Murray, the Cardinals only have a short time to go until the season starts. Larry will probably play until the end of the 2019 season and then retire. As for Peterson, they should try to shop him and get a decent amount of draft picks for him. Time will tell if this strategy actually works, but one thing is for certain and that is the Cardinals need to take this rebirth and rebuild properly.



#9 Detroit Lions

The Lions really didn’t really have that much to work within the 2018 season. They traded Golden Tate halfway through the season and lost a lot of games. Matt Patricia really needs to change the place up a bit and that is what he did already in free agency by bringing in former Patriot players like Danny Amendola and Trey Flowers. However, the real rebuilding issue is their quarterback Matt Stafford. I just don’t have any more faith in him as a player in Detroit. Maybe if he goes somewhere else he will succeed and with that Detroit can start looking for the next franchise guy.



#8 Denver Broncos

The Broncos kind of already started the rebuilding process with getting new players like Courtland Sutton, Bradley Chubb, Philip Lindsay, and Royce Freeman. Sadly, the position they cannot move away from is the quarterback position and John Elway is an idiot for that one. They need to start looking to the future and the only way they can do that at this point is to rebuild their organization. They tried doing this sine Peyton Manning retired and honestly it just hasn’t worked out for Denver. They need to look to move wide receiver, Emmanuel Sanders for a couple of draft picks. The only person I would keep in this scenario would be of course Von Miller, but everyone else over thirty can take a hike as far as I am concerned.



#7 New York Giants

Again, the New York Giants have basically stated to the public that they are starting over and rebuilding. How did we as fans come to understand this? Why it happened when they traded their main receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns. Doing this basically signifies you are ready to start tanking and start over with a bunch of draft picks. You have a stud running back in Saquon Barkley as well as a newly signed Golden Tate, Sterling Shephard, and tight end Evan Engram. However, New York has the same problem with this as Denver does. They refuse to solve or at this point even acknowledge that they have a quarterback problem. Sadly, this rebuild can’t officially begin until Eli Manning steps down. At this point will the Giants ever let that happen? It doesn’t look like it, but sooner or later Eli’s successor will come around and they can officially start rebuilding their organization.



#6 Washington Redskins

I honestly don’t know why I bother putting the Redskins on any of my rankings because they are stubborn and hell-bent on making their franchise terrible whatever the cost may be. They completely overpaid on Landon Collins and got Case Keenum on a trade agreement from Baltimore. They know he is not the future, but refuse to acknowledge they need a new quarterback. Will they draft one in 2019? Who knows at this point. Dan Snyder just doesn’t want his team to succeed and if I was a Washington fan I would start finding a new team because things won’t change as long as Snyder owns the Redskins. They will come in third place in the division just beating out the Giants which is saying a lot. Even with young stars like Josh Docston and Derrius Guice, the Redskins are in for another mediocre season and that is why they should get rid of management and start over with literally everything.



#5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers have a new head coach in Bruce Arians. The only reason he is there is to help struggling quarterback Jameis Winston who has basically struggled in the NFL since he was drafted. Arians has had major success at mentoring the quarterback position and I can see good things from him working with Winston. However, if he is unable to then the Buccaneers will have to be entering rebuild mode and find a new franchise quarterback. They have many players they can look to shop around and start over. The only player I would really keep would be their star wide receiver Mike Evans who unlike Winston has had success since being drafted. This is another one of those time will tell things as we really don’t know what the reaction will be after a couple of weeks that Arians has to work with Winston.



#4 Pittsburgh Steelers

Saying rebuild with your home team really is almost like sticking yourself with a knife. It is just nothing but painful for all of Pittsburgh fans everywhere. However, if you look at the offense we don’t have very many of the key pieces we once had. We are without Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. We then replaced those players with James Conner and JuJu Smith Schuster. At this point, Big Ben may be on his last year or two which means we need to start thinking about the future of the Steel City with Josh Dobbs and Mason Rudolph. After Ben retires, the rebuild will officially begin and Pittsburgh will likely start off with a new and fresh style of play which may help them out in the long run.



#3 Green Bay Packers

The Packers need to replace most of their roster and start over. Big names to keep would be Aaron Jones and Davantae Adams. Everyone else, yes that is right everybody including Aaron Rodgers. Aaron has run everyone out of town that he couldn’t trust including his former coach. With players like Randall Cobb and Clay Matthews being gone makes it hard to imagine the Packers not taking advantage of an opportunity to rebuild their franchise. I can imagine them shipping put Jimmy Graham, Jamaal Williams or even Geronimo Allison. Once they are all gone Rodgers will have a shot to do something, but if it doesn’t pan out well he will have to go and retire or maybe even go to another team.



#2 Miami Dolphins

The rebuilding for the Miami Dolphins has already been put into motion. They have traded away virtually everyone except a running back and two wide receivers. They finally shipped Ryan Tannehill off to the Tennessee Titans and have signed veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick to a two-year deal. Why you are signing him to a two-year deal makes no sense to me as it doesn’t make sense when it comes to the rebuilding phase. I do predict they draft a quarterback to take over maybe midway through this season. I like Haskins here for that very purpose. Miami will look to tank badly in the 2019 and 2020 seasons in order to accomplish great things with the amount of talent coming off of their draft picks.



#1 Cincinnati Bengals

There is no doubt in my mind that the Bengals are starting the rebuilding process. They got rid of liability Vontez Burfict and soon they will start dealing away other stars on their team. The only one they should be keeping should be Joe Mixon. They should be shopping everyone else including superstar wide receiver A.J. Green and struggling quarterback Andy Dalton. This team has not had any success under the leadership of former coach Marvin Lewis. Hopefully Zach Taylor will be able to strike gold with an unfortunate luck stricken team. If not then not even rebuilding will be able to help this team.







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