The Biggest Offseason Trade Predictions of 2019

With Antonio Brown being traded to Oakland and free agency being crazy as always, I started thinking of other big time superstars that could be finding a new home this offseason. Some of these could be considered long shots, and others you could probably see happening. Regardless, trades of any nature in my mind shake up the NFL and I enjoy that. As I do in all my articles I make a little challenge for myself to make it more difficult as I enjoy the challenging aspect of writing. Only one person per team will be traded. So on this list you won’t see two people from the same team being traded or one team getting two players. An example would be at number ten trading Nick Mullens to the Dolphins and then at number eight trading Marquise Goodwin to the Redskins. Another example would be the Jets acquiring two players. Only one player from one team and that team only gets one player. Make sense? I hope so. Without further ado, The Rank King presents to you the Top Ten Biggest Offseason Trade Predictions in 2019.



#10 LeSean McCoy to the Philadelphia Eagleslmt

With LeSean McCoy entering the last year of his contract with the Buffalo Bills and having a very disappointing 2018 season it isn’t the craziest of thoughts for him to return to his roots and play once again for the city of brotherly love; The Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are parting ways with former lead running back Jay Ajayi in free agency and having McCoy back would be a huge improvement. The Eagles could have a reliable playmaker as McCoy has shown he can do well on the ground and through the air. He could definitely help out quarterback Carson Wentz in some tricky situations. In my mind McCoy could probably go for a late or mid round selection after not having the greatest season in Buffalo. Plus with DeSean Jackson also coming back to the Eagles these two together would help out Carson Wentz a whole bunch. As for the Bills at running back, it wouldn’t be for them to pick a running back up in the draft since they are in rebuilding mode.



#9 Dee Ford to the San Francisco 49ersdft 

It is not secret that the San Francisco 49ers are in desperate need for a pass rusher. Rumor has it they have been exploring the possibility of trading for franchise tagged Dee Ford from Kansas City. This one makes sense as they need help upgrading their pass rushing and could most likely still land Nick Bosa in the 2019 NFL Draft. We know the money situation in Kansas City wasn’t the greatest between Ford and Justin Houston and probably the best thing to do would be to trade Ford with some compensation. The 49ers in my mind would need to give up at least a second round pick to get Ford and honestly this benefits both sides of the coin.



#8 Josh Rosen to the Miami DolphinsArizona Cardinals v Kansas City Chiefs 

This one is low on the list because there are still some doubts in my mind about the Cardinals trading a guy away they moved up for in the 2018 to get. Still, the trade rumors of Rosen have me feeling some type of way and this would be the place I believe he would most likely end up where he could start right away. Rosen didn’t have the best rookie season throwing more interceptions than touchdowns, but with a weird style of play and having only a couple of options to throw to I can understand his struggles. The Dolphins expect to move on from Ryan Tannehill and in my mind that is the best move for both sides with Tannehill being considered more of a backup then a starter in the NFL now. With a new coach in Brian Flores and a new offensive coordinator in Chad O’ Shea coming from New England, this could finally be the opportunity Rosen has been looking for. Rosen is only entering his sophomore season in the NFL and he can be what the Dolphins choose to build around in hopes of ending their struggles. I mean come on just imagine it. Rosen running the same style of playing that Flores taught Brady. That would be incredible to see the kid land here.



#7 Jimmy Graham to the Cincinnati Bengals848DBE6F-7CBD-4E05-8FFA-6D0F8F1631B4

With both tight ends of Cincinnati going on free agency, the Bengals will need to seriously upgrade at the position to help Andy Dalton in the passing game. With Jimmy Graham not having the best season in Green Bay, the Bengals who basically are in rebuild mode will want to get a valuable target for Dalton to throw to. Jimmy Graham could provide a veteran sense of protection in the passing game and block well against oncoming pressure. The Bengals might have to give up a third or fourth round pick in my mind to get Graham, but the overall result should help Cincinnati try to climb out of the gutters in the AFC North. It remains to be seen what green bay is going to do with the tight end position, but it might be a smart idea to look into the 2019 NFL Draft to find the next tight end talent in Noah Fant or T.J. Hockenson. If you do that you have to decide whether to keep Jimmy Graham or not, and if it were up to me I would trade him to the Bengals and try to get the best value possible.




#6 Nelson Agholor to the Indianapolis ColtsDivisional Round - Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles

Dubbed “The Animal” by my father Nelson Agholor was vital piece of the Philadelphia offense. With the Eagles now acquiring DeSean Jackson this may be the best time for Nelson Agholor to search elsewhere to earn more money. It was honestly between the Jets and the Colts on this one, but I ultimately made the decision to go with the Colts. Even though I signed Devin Funchess to a ridiculously expensive one year contract, I would not be surprised if the Colts also sign Nelson Agholor who has been proven to be a decent deep threat in the Eagles passing attack. This combined with Funchess would take a lot of pressure off of T.Y. Hilton and the Colts passing attack would come in as a mystery every single week as to where Andrew Luck is throwing the football.



#5 Jordan Howard to the Baltimore Ravens5F417CCA-6196-44A9-B316-5AACC25ADD74

Jordan Howard had a really decent 2018 season, but it was not the best he has produced since he came to the NFL. The Bears actually relied a lot on the pass catching skills of their other running back Tarik Cohen. Rumors are that Howard will be most likely shipped to another team and I cannot think of a more perfect candidate to receive him than the Baltimore Ravens. Their running back Alex Collins got replaced by Gus Edwards and then crashed his car and got arrested. It would be wise for Baltimore to trade for Howard who has been a success in every single season he has played for Chicago. They could acquire him for a second or third round pick depending on how much Baltimore would want to spend on him, but in my mind it is a win-win situation for both organizations.



#4 Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns3101D98B-F4C1-4F2D-976A-3BAD6017CC85

Now I am trusting my buddy on this one. He has a good feeling that Beckham could be traded to the Cleveland Browns this offseason. It would be an incredible move on the Browns part supplying Baker Mayfield with arguably one of the best wide receivers in the NFL today. Beckham in my mind would go for a high second round pick and maybe supplying someone for the Browns to come over to New York. Regardless, just imagine the combination of Beckham and Landry as Baker Mayfield’s top two wide receivers. They would keep Landry in the slot and have Beckham be their vertical threat. The best part is that these two can easily switch and play each spot when it comes to receiving. Now let us add in the possible return of Kareem Hunt and also Nick Chubb. The Browns would solidify themselves as legitimate contenders for the AFC North as well as becoming one of the biggest threats in the NFL today by signing Odell Beckham Jr.



#3 Xavier Rhodes to the Pittsburgh SteelersEC69D7C3-5844-4B78-BDA7-444DA220E195

Dear god did the Steelers botch the Antonio Brown trade?! With only getting a third and fifth round pick for the all star receiver the Steelers have to make smarter moves for the offseason in hopes to save their season. With talks of Xavier Rhodes being shopped in Minnesota the Steelers should jump all over this as he is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. They need to acquire him to improve their leaky secondary and to help out Joe Haden out as well. Artie Burns has been a huge disappointment since he was drafted by the Steelers in the 2016 NFL Draft. Acquiring Rhodes would put Burns out of the field and help the Steelers trust their secondary. Let us be honest, they need to make moves in order for people to forget about Brown. Do I see that happening? No, but it never hurts to stay positive especially with this pick.



#2 Rob Gronkowski to the Los Angeles Rams190524CA-16A0-4FE7-A8F7-63D388039543

In our heads we probably would think Gronk would rather retire than join another team this offseason, but I have a big imagination and if I could see Gronk going anywhere it would be to their Super Bowl opponents the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams didnt have the greatest tight end help and Gronk could be the one year answer they are looking for. Most likely Gronk was going to be done after this year, but the Patriots would be wise to explore the draft for one of the big tight end prospects like Fant or Hockenson and finally let Gronk go. He didn’t have the greatest season and it would be wise for the patriots to explore other options as they are losing a majority of their wide receivers and in my mind Gronk just can’t do it like he used to. Time for the Rams to trade for him and see what they can do for him. if he doesn’t do well he can just retire like James Harrison did.



#1 A.J. Green to the Green Bay Packers    AAB11994-8893-423B-8D55-1F559B6D8803 

I would love nothing more than for this to happen, but it might be out of reach depending on how you look at it. In my mind with a new head coach and virtually no success in their franchise with Marvin Lewis it would be wise for the Bengals to start rebuilding their organization. It would not be the craziest idea to believe if the Bengals shipped off their main event talent to do that. I picture that Joe Mixon and John Ross being the only ones staying in Cincinnati as Andy Dalton has had enough chances and needs to part ways and start somewhere else. The big surprise would be of course would be trading their number one wide receiver A.J. Green. Green’s best years need to stop being wasted in Cincinnati as he has given us some of the best NFL moments from the receiver position. It isn’t the craziest thought to imagine as green is entering his last year with the Bengals and could finally move onto somewhere better. Where you might ask? The best place he could end up would be the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers had a really hard time giving his receivers the ball last year when Davantae Adams was the only one he could rely on to catch the ball. With A.J. Green there as well, Rodgers could finally have virtually one of the best wide receiver duos in the NFL today. Plus having this happen would crush my brother’s hopes of Cincinnati ever accomplishing anything for a long time. Hearing that just brings a smile to my face.       


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