The Top Ten Best QB Performances of 2018

On February 19th, I wrote an article destroying ten quarterbacks who had terrible game performances in 2018. I thought it would be a good idea to flip the other side of the coin and bring to you the top ten best quarterback performances of 2018. Just like the last article, there is one specific rule that has to be followed. There can only be one amazing quarterback performance per week. So if your favorite quarterback isn’t on here don’t complain, I won’t listen because I am the Rank King and what I say goes. Without further ado, I give you the top ten best quarterback performances of 2018.


10.) Andrew Luck vs Buffalo Bills (Week 7)

Kinda crazy how Andrew Luck started off the worst quarterback performances of 2018 and now he begins the best performances of 2018. This game really wasn’t based off his passing yards as they only came out to be 156 yards. He did however throw four touchdowns in that game; one to tight end Erik Swoope, one to running back Marlon Mack and two to star wide receiver T.Y. Hilton. You have to give a lot of credit to defense here, but in the end Luck was able to make the most of it. He also 73.9% completion rating, an average of 6.8 yards per pass and posted a quarterback passer rating of 131.5. Not bad for Luck at all especially since Buffalo’s defense wasn’t half bad in 2018.


9.) Aaron Rodgers vs Detroit Lions (Week 5)

Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers didn’t have the best year in 2018. However, you have to give him some credit for his performance in week five this season as this team was getting blown out by the Lions 24-0 at halftime. He threw three touchdown passes, one of them going to rookie receiver Valdes-Scatling, one to tight end Lance Kendricks and one to his favorite target Davante Adams. He also compiled 442 passing yards on the day for Green Bay. The reason this is so low however, is that Rodgers was sacked a numerous amount of times and lost the ball twice. I personally blame that on the offensive line, but stats are stats no matter where they come from. His completion percentage was 61.5% and he had a quarterback passer rating of 108. With all the damage Green Bay suffered in this game Rodgers kept them in as much as he could. Unfortunately, Mason Crosby missing five field goals certainly didn’t help them.


#8 Tom Brady vs New York Jets (Week 17)

I hate putting him on this list. It is physically sickening to me as a football fan. Brady in my mind has had a mediocre 2018 season, but I could not overlook his week 17 performance against the Jets. He threw four touchdowns in this game. Two of them went to his running backs (who else) James White and Rex Burkhead. The other two went to wideouts Phillip Dorsett and Julian Edelman. His passing yards weren’t the best as he only there 250 yards, but he had a 72.7% completion rating, 7.6 yards per pass and a quarterback rating of 133.8. Like I said, I despise Brady a lot as a football fan. I tried so hard to find a way to keep him off of this list, but unfortunately it was unavoidable to say the least.


#7 Matt Ryan vs New Orleans Saints (Week 3)

The Falcons had a very odd 2018 season. Finishing out with a 7-9 record they hope to have a much better 2019 season. For the most part though Matt Ryan and the Atlanta offense had a very decent year. This game caught my eye especially as two of the most explosive offenses were squaring off against each other in week three. Ryan posted a monstrous outing against the Saints defense as tossed five total touchdowns. Three of them went to the rookie wide receiver Calvin Ridley and the other two were handed out to running back Tevin Coleman and receiver Mohamed Sanu. He also completed a series of two-point conversions. He threw for a total 374 passing yards, posting a 74.3% completion rating. He also threw about 10.7 yards per pass to his players as well as accumulating 148.1 quarterback passer rating. Ryan looks to come back in the 2019 season even stronger than this one as they try to make it to the Super Bowl once again.


#6 Drew Brees vs Philadelphia Eagles (Week 11)

Speaking of the Saints, we turn to the runner up for offensive MVP. He comes in at number six on this ranking. Brees had an incredible 2018 season as the Saints came very close to winning the NFC championship game against the Rams (they should have won). Anyway, Drew Brees posted very good statistics in this game and for that he rightfully deserves this spot especially against the former Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. He threw for 363 yards, four touchdowns, posted a 73.3% completion ratio, threw for 12.1 yards per pass and posted an impressive quarterback passing ratio of 153.2. The touchdowns went to four different people. Those individuals were Austin Carr, Tre’Quan Smith, Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara. Brees and the Saints didn’t just beat the Eagles in this game. They demolished them with a score of 48-7. That performance from Brees probably has something to do with it.


#5 Deshaun Watson vs Miami Dolphins (Week 8)

The return of Deshaun Watson was wonderful to see and he looked healthier than ever. It didn’t show any better than this game against the Miami Dolphins in the eighth week of the 2018 season. They put on a clinic against their flippered adversaries. Watson especially showed how good he actually was with five passing touchdowns. These went to three different players. Two went to the tight end Jordan Thomas, one went to Will Fuller and finally the last two went to the one and only DeAndre Hopkins. Watson’s passing yards weren’t the best as he only threw for 239 yards, but he only missed four passes all game. That’s a whopping 80% completion percentage people. He also had an average of 12 yards per pass and a quarterback passer rating of 156. Watson looks sharp and he was in the top ten in my 2018 quarterback rankings. I look forward to the 2019 season to watch him play again.


#4 Ryan Fitzpatrick vs New Orleans Saints (Week 1)

We turn to the Saints once again, but this time they are on the receiving end of a beat down. Not only was it a beat down, but it was from back-up Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The score ended up being 48-40, but the fact that a team like the Buccaneers came in and demolished a once incredible Saints defense the way they did, needless to say it was very shocking. Both quarterbacks proved themselves in this game, but I have to give the edge to Fitzpatrick who was stepping in Jameis Winston for his four game suspension. Fitzpatrick threw for 417 yards, four touchdowns with no picks, had a 75% completion rating, had an average of 14.9 yards per pass, and overall had a total quarterback passer rating of 156.2. He even ran a touchdown in himself to make that a total of five touchdowns. The four passing ones went to these individuals; two to DeSean Jackson, one to Mike Evans and one to Chris Godwin. Overall, the rebirth of “Fitzmagic” was awesome to see until he eventually crashed and burned and was replaced by Winston. This game couldn’t be overlooked though as he came out with a bang to start the season.


#3 Jared Goff vs Minnesota Vikings (Week 4)

The Rams came out of their shell once again this season proving teams wrong and making it to the Super Bowl to face New England. Now that Super Bowl was bad, but the Rams did a lot to get to the position. One game in particular that saw their quarterback come to life was in week four against the Minnesota Vikings. Jared Goff went straight for the jugular on this one slamming down 465 yards and throwing five touchdown passes. Those touchdowns went to Todd Gurley, Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods and the last two went to Cooper Kupp. He also only missed seven passes on the day against a decent Vikings defense putting up a 78.8% completion ratio, averaging 14.1 yards per pass and finishing with a quarterback passer rating of 158.3. This was probably the most impressive game that I have seen Jared Goff play, and I surely hope I can see more of them.


#2 Ben Roethlisberger vs Carolina Panthers (Week 10)

This was strictly domination. The Steelers came into this game needing to pull a huge upset over the 6-3 Panthers and by golly did they do just that. By the end of the first quarter the score was 21-7 in favor of the Steelers. The proud members of the black and gold would go on to incinerate any hopes of a Panthers win. A lot of it was continuous defensive pressure on Cam Newton, but Roethlisberger had one of the greatest games of his career. Watching this as a fan was just an amazing sight as Big Ben threw five touchdown passes for 328 yards and only missed three passes all night long. If you are a math person that completion percentage comes out to a whopping 88%. The touchdowns from Ben went to receivers JuJu Smith-Schuster and Antonio Brown, to tight ends Vance McDonald and Jesse James and finally to back-up running back Jaylen Samuels. Roethlisberger averaged a total of 13.1 yards per pass and finished with a quarterback ranking of 158.3. No doubt as a Steeler fan this was by far one of the best games to watch. However, as much of a Steeler fan as I am there was one quarterback that did even better than Ben and it was actually at the expense of us.


#1 Patrick Mahomes vs Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 2)

God, I hate putting this up here at the expense of the Steelers, but man did Patrick Mahomes tear our defense apart. I was actually at this game and was very close to the action. By watching it live I believe Mahomes impressed me to the point where I was thinking “Okay this kid is gonna be something special isn’t he”? Sure enough Mahomes threw six touchdown passes against us. That was the most touchdowns he threw against an entire team in the 2018 season. Mahomes proved that he was bad man in this game. He threw two of the touchdowns to tight end Travis Kelce, one each to receivers Demarcus Robinson, Chris Conley and Tyreek Hill. The final touchdown went to Kareem Hunt; the running back. Mahomes threw for 326 yards only missing five passes for a completion percentage of 82.1%. He also threw an average of 11.6 yards per pass and finished with a quarterback passer rating of 154.8. The NFL offensive MVP did us dirty in week two and would continue to decimate teams throughout the year. It is no surprise that this man had an amazing game and ended up with the NFL offensive MVP award.

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