Famous comedian Kevin Hart has a show called Cold As Balls, in which he invites famous athletes to come sit in an ice bath with him for a chat. He recently invited P.K. Subban to take a dip, the results were interesting.

At the beginning it seems like Kevin Hart didn’t know who P.K. was. The first half of the show is basically Kevin Hart making black hockey jokes. I guess this is to be expected, but it was still annoying.

They show picks up when they talk about P.K.’s charitable contributions to the children’s hospital in Montreal. It showed the side of P.K. that even few hockey fans know about. The fun loving guy who legitimately cares about his community.

Eventually Kevin Hart got around to asking him about the infamous one for one trade that sent him to Nashville and Shea Weber to Montreal. Subban’s reaction was honest and powerful. Hart tried to make a joke of it and P.K. was having none of it. He was steadfast in the fact that he didn’t want to leave Montreal. When pressed by Hart about why he thinks he was traded, Subban was stern, “I have no idea, like none. Like I didn’t even get a hint. It just happened.”

This part I was not ready for, it seems like ages ago the trade that shook the foundations of both teams happened. Now it’s hard to remember P.K. being in anything other than a Predators. However when pressed by Kevin Hart it showed in Subban’s face that the trade is still a fresh wound.

Later Subban would ask Hart about how much he even knows about his guest. So in a series of questions about his career it was revealed that P.K.’s brother Malcolm plays for the Vegas Golden Knights. In which Kevin Hart gave the most guine reaction to the franchise I have ever heard. Hart – “The Vegas Golden Knights, what are they a team full of strippers.”

The show is only thirteen minutes long and worth a watch. Hockey is always sorely underrepresented in these type of things. Lucky for us the one time a hockey player is invited to participate they got the perfect candidate. Subban hands down is one of my favorite players in the league, he’s a breath of fresh air in a rather stale league. You need to look no further then the two greatest players in the world Crosby and McDavid to understand how boring our athletes can be. P.K. is a stand out in a word of dry unenthusiastic athletes.

Enjoy Cold as Balls and until next time remember.

Cold As Balls with P.K. Subban

Always keep your stick on the ice.

– Johnny V. –