Yes they are still here…somehow, someway, the Patriots do it again

Let me set the scene real quick of how Tom Brady once again found his way into the Super Bowl.

Kansas City’s Damien Williams had just given the Chiefs a four-point lead over the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.

While every muscle in my body wanted to celebrate, I just couldn’t. Seeing the 2:03 left on the clock in regulation, I turned too my roommate, took a sip of my beer, and said, “That’s way too much time for Tom Brady.”

And, it was, in fact, way too much time.

Without using one of their three remaining timeouts, Brady and the Patriots stitched together a 6-play 65-yard drive that gave the Patriots a three-point lead with 39-seconds left in the game. But the thing about this drive, is that it never should have ended with a touchdown. It should’ve ended with an interception.

Two plays before Rex Burkhead’s 4-yard plunge that pushed the Patriots into the lead and one play before Rob Gronkowski’s 25-yard catch, New England’s season should’ve been over. Brady had dropped back and found Gronkowski for an easy 6-yard pitch and catch. But the ball slipped through Gronk’s hands, popped into the air, and Charvarious Ward came down with an interception that would’ve punched Kansas City’s ticket into the Super Bowl.

But see, this is the playoffs, where everything just happens to go Tom Brady’s way and on this play in particular it just so happened that Kansas City defensive linemen Dee Ford was lined up OFFSIDES.

Because of this little mishap, the Patriots would go on to take the lead. The Chiefs would put together a 4-play, 48-yard drive in 31 seconds to tie the game. The Patriots win the coin toss in overtime and march down the field to win the game with a 75-yard drive, securing their third straight trip to the Super Bowl.

Now, you can’t hate on the talent that Tom Brady displays year after year on the football field. I hate Tom Brady but I respect him as a football player. But, why is it that whenever the Patriots find their way into the Super Bowl it is always because of something like this play.

From his first Super Bowl in 2001 to their comeback against the Falcons in overtime. There is always something that gives the Patriots the extra edge for a moment and they turn it into a crucial moment that changes the landscape for their playoff run.

This is another one of those moments. The game should’ve been over, the Patriots should’ve been leaving Arrowhead Stadium with a loss and we should be getting ready for another 51-50 matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams. But, no. We have to listen to this and see this smile once again as the Patriots prepare for ANOTHER Super Bowl.

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