Ranking The Top Ten Teams That Need to Draft Kyler Murray

The month of January has given us many memorable moments as sports fans including the news that Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray has declared himself for the NFL draft. With his name thrown into the hat of contention that is the NFL Draft fans everywhere are wondering just where the sensational talent will end up. With quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield paving the way for this young star it sure is exciting to see where the man ends up. Some people give the argument that he only has one season as the starting quarterback. My argument to that is look at Mitchell Trubisky and what he brought to the Chicago Bears with Coach Nagy helping him out. Is he a first round pick? A strong case can be made but ultimately it is up to what NFL teams think of him and what he can bring to their squadron. This ranking is based on which teams would need Kyler Murray more as a quarterback. That being said here are the top ten NFL teams ranked that would definitely benefit by drafting Kyler Murray.


New England Patriots

I can literally hear all the Patriot fans growing with anger as I am typing this statement. Why draft Murray? We have the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady and he says he is playing until he is 45. Look I get it you have one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the world itself so why draft Murray? Brady is amazing but he is not going to be around playing at 45 years old I’m sorry. The man has been driven to throw the ball far down the field if necessary. Nowadays he is passing to his running backs and passing it short to wide receivers. The time is now if they want to start to find the proper recipient to the all time great. He obviously also does not have to start right away as he can well like other quarterbacks have done in the past and sit behind Brady for a year to learn dynamics and play calling like Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett did. It is not that hard to imagine this being set into reality.


Detroit Lions

The Lions take the spot of number nine. Detroit’s season didn’t end up the way that new head coach Matt Patricia wanted it to be and in order to make an impact in a heavily competitive division with Green Bay, Minnesota and Chicago he will need to change. Quarterback Matt Stafford’s 2018 season was lackluster to say the least and it would be unfair to blame Stafford for most of the losses, but he just did not look like himself this year and maybe having his team draft a new quarterback will put a spark back into him. If not then maybe you have valuable trade options for teams that would want a veteran play caller. Regardless, having Murray as a Lion would be very beneficial for the city of Detroit.


Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals make their mark and take the number eight spot. With Marvin Lewis out of the way the Bengals now have a chance to make some changes to their team. One of these would be to trade Andy Dalton and draft Kyler Murray. Think about it. In all the times that Andy Dalton has been with this team he has been seen to choke under pressure and he simply in my mind cannot get the job done when it counts. We are also seeing so many years being wasted on one of the greatest receivers in modern football in A.J. Green. Why not solve both of these problems and try to rebuild the team under the Murray image. Using this can see younger guys get the ball more often like John Ross and Tyler Boyd while still giving Green his fair share of ball usage. Cincinnati has also been known to run the ball and with Joe Mixon handling it well we could also see Murray use his rushing ability to take some steam off of Mixon as well.


Tennessee Titans

Tennessee in my mind is in need of a quarterback but knowing their faith in Mariota this is why this team is only coming in at number seven. Mariota is a play maker, but I don’t believe his body can take much more abuse. This season alone he was injured on five different occasions ranging from his shoulder to his ankle to his elbow. We have seen this before as injuries catch up and sooner or later with it is going to be over for this simmering star of a player. Why not take advantage of this unfortunate situation and draft your quarterback of the future in Kyler Murray. With the speed of Mariota and in my mind a better arm Tennessee could see some major key value in such a draft pick.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs take number six as they try to figure out the eventual quarterback rotation wheel. Here is the scenario. Bruce Arians is coming out of retirement to be the new head coach of the Buccaneers. Maybe Bruce can finally figure out Winston’s issues at the position or simply put Winston’s value at quarterback will decrease for his fifth year in the league. To play the safe option would be to draft Murray and watch the season play out. If Winston cannot get it done (yet again) then you have a quarterback of the future ready to step in the following year. Then trade Winston to get a key player that the Buccaneers could not get in the draft and maybe a couple of picks. I don’t know if that would be the case if Winston’s value doesn’t show again, but it could always happen. You never know with the NFL these days.


Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos come at number eight on my ranking. General Manager John Elway did wonders getting Peyton Manning, but since then his quarterback selection as been questionable to say the least. From Brock Osweiler to Trevor Siemian to Paxton Lynch and finally Case Keenum none of these quarterbacks have lived up to the hype that Denver is looking for to replace Manning’s legacy. John can have the doubters be silenced by picking up Kyler Murray as their quarterback. All of their previous quarterbacks have had the same structure and playing style of Manning and it obviously has not worked. So why not change up the style and hopefully change the fate of this struggling franchise by drafting Kyler Murray. At this point after having so many unsuccessful quarterbacks in the past you have to try something different.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville takes the spot at number four and here is the main reason why. Yes they are in desperate of a quarterback after Blake Bortles dug this team so deep into the ground that no matter how far you dug you probably would not be able to find them. If they were to draft a quarterback I believe Murray has a shot to get drafted by this team, but since they have such a high draft pick you have to worry about Haskins and Jones possibly being taken as well. More than likely though Jacksonville will go and get a veteran play caller to start for the team like Joe Flacco or Tyrod Taylor. Then maybe they would draft a quarterback like Haskins and Jones or yes Murray to stay behind that play caller. After the Blake Bortles issue I am sure that any one of these options would be better including drafting Kyler Murray.


New York Giants

The Giants take the number three spot as it seems like the days of Eli Manning are coming to the end. However, we saw them make the mistake of not taking a quarterback of the future in last year’s draft. Now there is nothing wrong with that as they acquired one of the best running backs in Saquon Barkley. Now though you have to take a quarterback in this draft and which one could be better than Kyler Murray. You can go back to Odell Beckham’s comments as he said that his quarterback (Eli) wasn’t agile enough and didn’t fight a lot for first downs. Now let us take Kyler Murray who’s passing and now running ability comes into play. You could make a very powerful threatening team if you add Murray to a team that has Barkley and has Beckham. Even if the Giants would want to start Eli for another season (that would be dumb) you could have Murray sit behind Eli and learn the playbook and scheme play for this team. An interesting scenario this now becomes.


Miami Dolphins

Miami is the second team that deserves a quarterback the most on this list coming in at number two. Ryan Tannehill’s return in my mind was the biggest flop this season. In all the time you placed for this man to return and he throws less than 2,000 passing yards. No thank you. The Dolphins have to look to the future for the quarterback position and what better way to do it than to draft Kyler Murray. His skill set could help out in the passing game when it comes to Kenny Stills and also in the rushing game when trying to take some steam off the ageless Frank Gore and the pass catch back Kenyan Drake. What Miami needs most of all is a new face to bring some faith back to the organization as they have relied on veterans to make their struggles a reality which has turned out to be just dreams for the Miami Dolphins.


Washington Redskins

There is no other team in the NFL that is need of a quarterback more than the Washington Redskins. There is no news that their starting quarterback Alex Smith will even return for football after suffering such a terrible injury to his leg. Colt McCoy their backup quarterback also suffered a season ending injury to his leg. They signed Mark Sanchez and it worked out terribly. This is the time now where you turn to your quarterback of the future. Kyle Murray can bring a sense of direction for this team that has just struggled and struggled time and time again. With Derrius Guice coming back as well you have two (yes technically two) rookies because Guice did not play his entire rookie season from injury. I firmly believe that Washington is the best home that Kyler Murray will find success in and hopefully turn Washington’s record around for the better.

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