Why You Should Be Watching Rick And Morty

Television can sometimes lack the fun, wacky, and just overall grossly disgusting mannerisms it can bring. However, if you have been living under a rock you probably wouldn’t know that this show Rick and Morty has all of those elements. I mean just how did it become one of the most popular shows to watch? Let’s count the ways and by the end of it you’ll want to watch every season of it.

The Characters

The Smith family consists of five members which each bring their own blend of attitude to the screen. While the show mostly focuses on one major plot each episode there is also a side story segment that looks to show off the rest of the characters in the family as well.

Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez is the grandfather of the Smith family and one of two main characters in the show…in case you didn’t see the name of the show or anything. He is an alcoholic, a sociopath, and sometimes looked at as a mad scientist. Since he seems to be the smartest person in the universe, Rick sometimes views the world as pointless. Although he is the smartest person, he often overestimates his calculations leading to some of the hilarious television I have seen in years. Oh and he’s also based off of “Doc” Brown from the famous Back to the Future movie franchise.

Morty Smith

Morty Smith is the second most important character in this how. It mostly has to do with the fact that he is Rick’s sidekick throughout this show. He is at the call of Rick to go on any adventure. Like Rick, he is based off Marty; the kid from the Back to the Future movie series. However, Morty is mostly there to be the pin cushion for Rick’s remarks. He often endures multitudes of abuse from the voices of many characters on this show and often whines to the point of no return. However, his pain gives us many laughs on this show.

Summer Smith

Summer is the older sister of Morty and essentially every teenage girl in the world. She wants to be popular. She wants to be loved, but at the same time rejects it. She lives too much on social media. All of these things might seem annoying, but man do they create some hilarious moments.

Beth Smith

On the surface Beth is a normal mother and horse surgeon. However, we find out later that she shares a great deal of Rick’s personality. She drinks too much, she thinks that her intelligence is greater than most people, and at some times can lay down some insults like no other. In my mind, she is actually the most messed up character on the show, but that might just be through the eyes of the current beholder.

Jerry Smith

Jerry is Beth’s husband and father of Morty and Summer and hands down the worst character out of the family. It’s not his fault. It’s just because he’s Jerry. His character simply is one always feels sorry for in the show due to all the situations he finds himself in. In an adult swim comedy the last thing I want to do is feel sorry for someone. I will say however his misfortunes always lend a laugh almost similar to Morty’s.

The Creativity

Overall, this show would just be any other show if it wasn’t for the creative genius behind it. The episodes have a unique interpretation on how to tell their story. For example, one episode is completely based on improv where Rick and Morty sit down and watch interdimensional cable to see what shows exist in different realities. Here’s an example of that!

On the other hand, a lot of the episodes explore other universes in search of certain aspects and items the family needs. Almost one thing is for certain though, you will love the creative direction this show takes when it discusses different themes and ideologies.

It’s Popularity

This show has had a huge cult following before finally breaking through and becoming a very popular show to watch on television. There are many certain things that when people see things or say something that everyone thinks Rick and Morty.

Pickle Rick was a huge boost to the show in season three. In reality the episode blew up and became immensely popular all because Rick decided to turn himself into a pickle.

Another aspect that showed this program broke through the fourth wall was the Szechuan Sauce incident. In the first episode of season three, Rick mentions that the only place left to try the incredible sauce was in his memory. The sauce was discontinued over twenty years ago as it was only used as a promotion for the film Mulan. Fans everywhere went nuts and demanded McDonalds bring back the sauce for them to try. This is what ensued.

So overall, the show is amazing. I can say personally it is a breath of fresh air in terms of design and writing. If you aren’t watching this show you should start now as the fourth season is underway and many more are set to come.

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