TFTB Talk – Let’s Complain Together

You’re sitting there, minding your own business, and BOOM – something you said has started a fun little discussion over the internet. Fun is a looooooooose term at this point, but it’s got enough to make you comment back. Back and forth, back and forth you and the people commenting display the knowledge you have to either be for or against the original cause.

Just as you both sway back towards being friends like a title match coming to and end, respecting each others knowledge in this social media bout, here comes someone just copy and pasting and article to prove their point about the discussion. v

The internet is a vast and wonderful tool for gathering and understanding information on almost every topic, so reading articles is not the negative here. And showing an article to a friend and going on in the comment about the article is borderline cheating, but we’ll let it slide for the basis of this Saturday Morning Rant.

Let’s just all agree to stop sharing articles to prove a point. Read the article, say your points and if I want to fact check you Ill ask. Otherwise, clicking copy and paste on an article that YOU didn’t read and assuming based on the title it’s this astounding work of art that’s going to change my mind is presumptuous. Also, quite rude to just assume that I have the time or will to read this article at all.

The internet has made discussions and arguments boring. When’s the last time you and a friend had an actual argument about something and someone else didn’t yell in “JUST GOOGLE IT!” like they invented Google and this is them workshopping their newest invention. If you leave the argument, read the article, and come back with thoughts and facts that’s fine, but let’s all just agree that copy and paste just isn’t fun anymore. It’s just boring and lazy.

I’m just going to credit this article to my attempt to stop the term fake news? Maybe that’s why article sharing has become the main topic of discussion. Either way, just shut off the phone and have a conversation, then go home and read an article proving your right and be happy, just like the good ole days.

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