The Ravens have made their decision….was it the right one?

I would like to start off by saying that even if the Steelers would have limped into the playoffs, the Chargers are legit Super Bowl contenders this year and it would have taken arguably our best game ever to defeat LA today. We OBVIOUSLY would have done better than the Ravens, but still that would have been a really, really tough game for us to win.

That being said, the Ravens have made the absolute end all be all of decisions today by playing rookie sensation Lamar Jackson for the entire game despite potentially better winning odds with Super Bowl Champ Joe Flacco at the helm. Joe Flacco is not a great quarterback. You can make an argument that Joe Flacco isn’t even a good quaterback, but with an 11 touchdown and 0 interception super bowl run in 2013, his name has been perpetually spun around in the elite conversation for too long.

In the 2018 NFL draft, the Baltimore Ravens traded up to take former Heisman winner Lamar Jackson out of Louisville. Although Jackson started the season as the third quarterback (the Ravens have RG3 on their roster), he ended the season as the obvious choice at starter with Flacco sustaining a hip injury earlier in the season.

In the Wildcard game against LA, the Chargers shut Jackson down in the first half. They had a total of 2 passing yards at one point in the second half, and even for Lamar that’s insane. Even with the insane struggles, Harbaugh made the decision to ride with Jackson and the decision almost paid off in the end.

It’s super easy to say that Lamar Jackson needs to learn to hold on to the football. His “Loooooosey Goooooosey” mentality with the ball is too college friendly and he fumbled multiple times while barely being touched. Flacco arguably wouldn’t have the ball in this type of position because, well, Flacco can’t run as well as Jackson.

Despite everything about what Flacco COULD have done to save that game, I think it’s super duper muper buper obvious that the Ravens have to move Flacco this offseason. Joe is on a deal that makes him a free agent in 2022 with a ton of money for a guy who sat the bench healthy this season. I’m sure there are Ravens fans who hate the thought of Jackson being their starter after todays first three quarters, but logistically it makes sense to always have a rookie contract at quarterback, especially when the old starter really hasn’t performed too well since 2013.

Personal opinion? They made the absolute right decision and need to get rid of Flacco this offseason to create a team Jackson can lead. Why do I know this is the right decision? Because as a Steelers fan, I’ve never been scared of Flacco the way I am of Jackson.

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