Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 17


Arizona Cardinals


Previous Rank: 32


Pretty simple reasoning here. This is a bad team and this is a team that has given up. The offense could get little to nothing going against this Rams team that has recently struggled on defense as of late. Rosen did not throw over 100 yards or a touchdown pass but he also did not throw an interception either. In fact Larry Fitzgerald threw the touchdown to David Johnson. The defense was swiss cheese here letting Goff get over 200 yards and a touchdown as well as newcomer C.J. Anderson getting 167 yards on the ground and a touchdown. They get Seattle this week and if you expect anything than a loss by this team at this point you’re only hurting yourself.



Washington Redskins


Previous Rank: 29


The Redskins tip back down the scale of the rankings this week with a loss to the Titans. Originally, these guys had a shot at taking out this deadly team when Mariota was injured (yet again) and had to be replaced by Blaine Gabbert. This was not the case. They still lost to this team with Derrick Henry continuing to thrive on the ground. Josh Johnson threw for 153 yards one touchdown and two picks while Peterson ran for 119 yards on the ground. This week they get the Eagles. Can they slow their role to the playoffs? We shall see.



Jacksonville Jaguars


Previous Rank: 31


The Jaguars climb up one spot in the rankings after a narrow win against Miami last week. I honestly almost did not watch this game but figured I might as well try to sit through it. The score was 17-7 as Miami scored first and then gave up 17 unanswered points. Fournette got the rushing touchdown but Hyde actually ran for more yardage. Forbath’s kick and a Telvin Smith pick six sealed the fate of Miami in this game. Jacksonville gets Houston this week and Kessler will be swamped by this defense.



New York Jets


Previous Rank: 30


The Jets move up one spot even after losing to the Packers. This was high powered football at its finest. Sam Darnold played the best football he’s ever played so far this season putting up 341 yards and three touchdowns over Green Bay. I was surprised the Jets put up as much of a fight as they did and for that reason they move up a spot instead of staying where they were at. This week the Jets get the Patriots. I’d love for this team to beat New England this week.



Cincinnati Bengals


Previous Rank: 27


The Bengals fall once again to the Browns in this week moving them down one spot in the rankings. This game was really ugly for the Bengals as they didn’t get the two touchdowns until the last five minutes of the fourth quarter. Driskel didn’t throw good and Mixon only got 68 yards on the ground. The defense again became useless against Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb putting up nearly 400 yards on the ground and through the air combined. The Bengals get the Steelers this week which could be interesting given the implications for playoffs.



Carolina Panthers


Previous Rank: 26


The Panthers drop a spot after a loss to the Falcons. We knew this team was in for rockier waters knowing that Cam Newton was sitting out for the last two games. Taylor Heinicke did alright other than the three interceptions he threw. Once again Christian McCaffrey was once again the leading rusher and the leading receiver. Nothing new here. This will continue week after week until the season ends. This week they get a rematch with the Saints. Hopefully, this game will be more exciting to watch than the last one.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Previous Rank: 25


The Bucs drop a spot after losing to Dallas last week. The offense was actually decent here as Winston threw for 336 yards and a touchdown to Mike Evans. They did however cough up a fumble that cost them seven points. The defense surprisingly held Prescott under 200 yards passing and Elliot under 100 yards rushing. In the end it didn’t matter as Dallas took the victory and the NFC East. This week the Bucs face the Falcons. Who knows what will happen in this one?



San Francisco 49ers


Previous Rank: 24


The 49ers drop a spot after a loss to the Bears. The only thing a lot of people took from this was the fight that broke out after a late Trubisky hit. Richard Sherman was the one 49er ejected after this dispute occurred. The actual game was hard hitting as the 49ers held their own but still weren’t enough to stop Chicago. This week they get the Rams and will fall to them like Chicago; hard hitting but not enough.



Oakland Raiders


Previous Rank: 28


The Raiders pulled a shocking upset over the Denver Broncos last week 27-14. Doug Martin was a stud in this game rushing for 107 yards and a touchdown. Carr was held under 200 yards without a pick or touchdown but the run game saved them coupled with the defense playing decent and Carlson’s two field goals spelled victory for the Raiders. They get the Chiefs this week which could be up in the air depending if they sit any starters. If not they are screwed against the Chiefs.


Detroit Lions


Previous Rank: 22


The Lions drop a spot after a miserable loss to the Vikings last week. Stanford was held without a touchdown yet again and besides Zach Zenner they couldn’t get the run game going. Prater was the sole reason this team had points last week and honestly I’m just disappointed in this team. Oh well this week they get the Packers and if they couldn’t beat Minnesota they won’t beat Green Bay.



New York Giants


Previous Rank: 23


The Giants move up one spot after a loss to the Colts. Normally that wouldn’t make sense except for the fact that it was a one point game and the Colts scored the winner with 55 seconds left in the game. My point is that the Giants held this one without Beckham and kept it close. So moving them up one wasn’t hard at all. This week the Giants get the Cowboys which are always good games to watch.



Miami Dolphins


Previous Rank: 19


The Dolphins drop two after a humiliating loss to Jacksonville. Tannehill threw the only touchdown of the game to to Brandon Bolden for four yards. Sadly the run game and virtually everything else was ineffective as they scored no more points the whole rest of the game. The run game was stopped, receivers were getting beat and to end the suffering Tannehill threw a pick six in the fourth quarter. This week Miami gets the Bills which most likely point to the Bills coming out the victor.



Buffalo Bills


Previous Rank: 21

The Bills move up a spot instead of down after a loss to New England last week. The reason being is this team held Tom Brady and held him hard. Brady was held to under 130 passing yard with a touchdown and two picks. Josh Allen did alright in this game even though he threw two picks. He did however throw a 31 yard touchdown pass to Zay Jones very late in the fourth quarter. They get the Dolphins this week and it looks like Miami is going home defeated.



Denver Broncos


Previous Rank: 18


Denver drops a spot after a loss to the Raiders last Monday night. The run game was shot down after an injury kept Philip Lindsay out of the game and out of next week’s game. Case Keenum was forced to pick up throwing two touchdowns and two interceptions. Hamilton and Sutton were the two lucky enough to catch them. This week they face the Chargers who are steamed after a loss to Baltimore last week.



Atlanta Falcons


Previous Rank: 20


The Falcons move up two spots after a dominating performance against Carolina. The defense was finally able to show off what they could do if a situation presented itself picking off Heinicke three times. Matt Ryan also threw for 239 yards and three touchdowns to his three receivers; Jones, Ridley and Sanu. Brian Hill also strutted his stuff rushing for 115 yards on eight carries. This week Atlanta gets Tampa Bay in which the Falcons hope to claim victory.



Cleveland Browns


Previous Rank: 15


I want to make one thing clear. The Browns claimed victory over Cincinnati again yet I moved them down two spots. I did this for three reasons. One, the two teams ahead had better results and highly contested games played. Two, Baker’s attitude in this game is a hot topic for discussion as he denied starting down Hue Jackson and Baker just not letting go of the beef he has with Jackson is a little childish to me. I don’t know maybe you disagree but that’s what I believe. Three, they face the Ravens this week. Do I believe they can do it. I do but it is going to be a huge uphill battle in Baltimore.



Green Bay Packers


Previous Rank: 17


Green Bay moves a spot forward after a highly contested overtime victory over the Jets. I told everyone this game was going to be close but it was closer than even I thought. Rodgers threw for 442 yards and two touchdowns and Jamaal Williams rushed for 95 yards and a score as well. It was a really fun game to watch. This week Green Bay gets Detroit which points into the direction of Green Bay with another win.



Philadelphia Eagles


Previous Rank: 16


The Eagles move up a spot on the rankings after a huge win over Houston last week. Foles is going hard now boys as the story cannot be any better for the backup. He threw for 471 yards and four touchdowns with one pick. The run game wasn’t too effective in this game so they had to pass a lot and it payed off. Elliot came in and kicked the game winning field goal from 35 yards out. This week the Eagles get the Redskins in which I believe the Eagles will win again.


Minnesota Vikings


Previous Rank: 13


The Vikings drop one spot after claiming victory over the Lions last week. This game was too one-sided and kind of boring to watch aside from the Hail Mary thrown to Rudolph. Cousins threw three touchdowns and didn’t throw a pick or fumble in this one so that’s good for him. They’ll have to prove themselves as they once again face the Bears this week. Hopefully Cousins won’t feel as pressured as he was last time.



Dallas Cowboys


Previous Rank: 14


With this win the Cowboys claimed the NFC East. The game wasn’t as impressive as it was show though as Prescott didn’t throw for a lot of yardage against a bad Bucs pass defense and Elliot was held under 100 yards rushing. They win the division though and that calls for them to be moved up one spot. They get the Giants this week so can they stop Barkley on the run with their powerful defense?



Tennessee Titans


Previous Rank: 12


The Titans stay put at the #12 spot after beating Washington. Derrick Henry got another rushing touchdown this week with 84 yards on the ground to go with it. Mariota though however left again with another injury which made Blaine Gabbert come into the game who did toss a two yard touchdown to MyCole Pruitt and the defense played well picking off Johnson twice one of them going for a pick six to end the game. The titans get the Colts Monday night which I have the Colts winning.



Pittsburgh Steelers


Previous Rank: 9


The Steelers drop two spots and get out of the top ten once again after a crushing loss from the Saints. This game once again was crushing as I felt as a Steelers fan that the questionable coaching and calls were a little askew in the game. Still it was the fumble by JuJu at the ending drive that cost the Steelers. The kid is still an amazing football and now the Steelers need to beat the Bengals and have the Browns beat the Ravens this week to still make the playoffs. Whoever knew we would need to depend on the Browns but that’s gotta happen. We put ourselves in this situation and now the Browns have to dig us out.



Houston Texans


Previous Week: 7


The Texans drop three spots and stay in the top ten after a last second loss to the Eagles. Watson proved to a threat in this game throwing for two touchdowns and also having two rushing touchdowns. The reason for the drastic drop is because of injuries and how banged up this team is and that other teams simply had a better week then them. This week they get the Jaguars which should spell out an easy win for the Texans.



Seattle Seahawks


Previous Rank: 11


Seattle moves up two spots after a huge win over the Kansas City Chiefs last week. Russell Wilson was the better quarterback in this game. Some may disagree but he threw less, got more yards, and Seattle had a better running game than the Chiefs. Doug Baldwin finally seems to be back on page with Wilson and Chris Carson continues to shine with 116 yards and two rushing touchdowns. Seattle continues to impress and they look to crush the Arizona Cardinals this week in their matchup.



Indianapolis Colts


Previous Rank: 8


The Colts stay put at #8 after narrowly escaping with a victory over the Giants 28-27. This game was exciting to watch as Andrew Luck continues to prove why he’s a great quarterback throwing for 357 yards and two touchdowns despite throwing one interception. The defense was huge in this game stopping Barkley at 43 yards rushing on 21 carries even though he got a rushing touchdown early in the game. Luck was able to toss a one yard touchdown to Chester Rogers to seal the game with 55 seconds left. A good victory for the Colts indeed as they look to beat the Titans this Monday night.



New England Patriots


Previous Rank: 5


Yes I know the Patriots won the game but honestly Brady looked terrible in this game throwing for under 150 yards and two interceptions with one touchdown. They are now starting to rely on the run game with Michel who ran for 116 yards and a rushing touchdown. The loss of Josh Gordon will hurt the Patriots down the road as Gronkowski looks like a former shell of himself and Edelman will be picked up for defenses to come in the future. What does that leave them with? Chris Hogan and James White is the answer and it’s not a good one. The Patriots play the Jets this week and with Darnold playing better can we see the Jets topple New England?



Los Angeles Chargers


Previous Rank: 2


My god the Chargers did not play well against Baltimore last Saturday. Rivers played his worst game of the season throwing under 200 yards and two picks. Gordon and Allen played well in their return; one getting a rushing touchdown and the other leading the team in receiving yards. This defense like others though struggled against Baltimore and couldn’t stop them. They look to redeem themselves against the Broncos in a revenge matchup I’ll be dying to see.



Baltimore Ravens


Previous Rank: 10


The Ravens move up five spots after a dominant win against the Chargers last week. With this win they claimed the lead in the AFC North and could enter the playoffs with a win over Cleveland and a Pittsburgh loss to Cincinnati. This defense like the Bears defense is hard to play against and Lamar Jackson is pure athletic talent. They get Cleveland this week which is shaping up to be a huge blood bath between the Ravens and Baker Mayfield.


Kansas City Chiefs


Previous Rank: 3

The Chiefs drop one spot after a loss to Seattle last week. The offense did well against a good defense as Mahoney threw for 273 yards and three touchdowns and Damien Williams rushing for 103 yards on 13 carries while catching one of those touchdown passes. The defense continues to be a sword in the shield of the offense though as they let teams have too many yards through the air and on the ground. Time will tell as they face the Raiders this week.



Los Angeles Rams


Previous Rank: 5


The Rams move up two spots after a win against Arizona. The story was that Gurley was inactive this week so how would C.J. Anderson do being signed five days before the game. The answer was very well as he crushed the Arizona defense rushing for 167 yards and a touchdown. Goff also found his rhythm throwing a touchdown to Robert Woods who also rushed in for another one. The Rams now face the 49ers who have kept with really good teams in the past so it will be a good match to see.



Chicago Bears


Previous Rank: 4


If you told me at the beginning of the year that this team would have this spot in the rankings I would have laughed but now I can look on impressed. This team has been really good on offense with Trubisky throwing for a touchdown and 246 yards to go with it and he only missed four passes. Jordan Howard came through with another rushing score as well. This defense is incredible hands down and could be why the Bears go far for the rest of the season and playoffs. They get Minnesota this week and if they pressure Cousins again like last time we will see the same result.


New Orleans Saints


Previous Rank: 1


The Saints stay at #1 after a victory over the Steelers last week. This was a tough loss being a Steelers fan, but don’t let that take away the performance the Saints had. They held their own in their toughest matchup yet and clinched the top seed in the NFC playoffs. Brees with 326 yards and touchdown found most of the work to Michael Thomas who had eleven catches for 109 yards and that touchdown. The MVP candidate now faces the Panthers and without Newton all they have to do is cover McCaffrey and they will win this game.


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